New Player Advice Thread by NPNKY. Ask your questions here and I will try to answer them

After 2 1/2 years of playing, and reading a lot of guidance written by many veritable giants of the game (shout out to @Anchor, @Kerridoc, @Coppersky, @JonahTheBard, @KLinMayhem, @Uclapack, @Xero786, @Rigs, @Boolz_San, @Blaaarggle_Blaa and anyone else I have missed), I’ve realized that one of my favorite parts of the game and the forum is helping others. That’s why I started Magnificent Bastards as a training alliance, and why I enjoy beta.

This game is truly a “5 minutes to learn, a lifetime to master” pastime. Even the forum can be overwhelming, and if you don’t know what to search for, you may not find it. So I’ve decided to create this thread to offer new players a place to ask any specific game related questions they may have. Hero selection, leveling, placement, and combinations? Tactics for different quests, raids, wars, and map levels? Base building, research, and crafting? Finding the right alliance? What’s the best value for your gems? All fair game.

This isn’t meant to replace any of the other helpful threads in the forum, or to step on anyone’s toes. It’s also not meant to become a whine or complain fest. We have plenty of threads for that.

So go ahead. Hit me with your questions and I’ll give you my best answers.


As I was going to Saint Paul’s, I met a man doing pulls
Each pull had seven Azlars,
Each Azlar had seven Azars
Each Azar used seven tokens

Azars, Azlars, pulls and tokens… Are the vanilla heroes broken?


Broken summon gate
Belches out five Friar Tuck
Forum rant ensues


The most attractive female dwarf in the game is?

Here’s a serious question, since you’re not getting many, and I’m not getting many answers :smiley:

At which point do you start working on troops?

And which are more important? Offense or defense?

Level up 1 troop per color or go wide with multiple per color?


@Cruzcampo Kiril, of course. Although my new avatar is better looking than Kiril


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@Rigs I usually try to get 1 mana troop of each type to the next tile break point, then work up 4 other 4* troops in that color (mix of mana and crit) about 1 level each before moving back to the main troop, with a crit being next strongest. That way I have 1 that can make a noticeable difference in how quickly a key hero charges, and 4 others to support a mono team.

I didn’t start doing this until I had my stronghold fully maxed and all forge and TC levels researched. Now I alternate between leveling heroes, leveling troops, and applying emblems, as my food permits.

My main troops are all around level 19, and the reserves are around 6


@bobiscool Can you post your entire roster in 1 screenshot? Or as few as possible. It will be easier for me to look at it.

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I will say again, thank you so much for your “Advice for new players…” thread. More than anything, that post and ensuing replies cleared much of the fog on how the game can be played.

I’m sure I’ll come up with questions but had the get the important stuff taken care of first!


Thank you for this @NPNKY, I also have a training alliance. I’ve posted a link in our alliance Line group. This will be very helpful for many of my players. I’m also watching this as it’s fun to learn anything new.

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What do you think of JF? I was reading about him on the forum and there are a lot contradictory opinions about him. Some say he’s awesome, other say he’s close to useless.

Also, what’s your take on Tyr? He seems quite interesting.

Great thread btw.

@no1808 I have both JF and Tyr, but haven’t started leveling them. I will eventually level both.

JF is less likely to win a place on my attacking red mono team, unless he replaces Marjana, but that’s because his damage will overwrite that of my Gravemaker +17. I really like his buff flip, though, and that might be enough to turn the tide. He’s not a primary damage dealer, and I think the folks that don’t like him are looking for someone who is. He’s more of a support hero and secondary damage dealer, and he will find a place in my teams.

Tyr, on the other hand, will fit nicely into my main red team. By design, he is a sniper, but his primary role is to just keep coming back and keep you in the fight. Over and over and over. He’s the “Why won’t you just stay dead?!” guy. His bleed damage will stack with GMs, too.


How many 4* would you max before working on 5s?

Are there mana breaks you deem more relevant than others? And would you consider putting crit troops on the ones that aren’t as relevant?

@Rigs I generally advise people to max 2 or 3 3* heroes of each color before moving to 4*, and 2 or 3 4* of each color before moving on to 5*. Obviously there are some heroes that are worth doing as soon as you get them, like Wu/Tarlak/Miki/Ranvir or Alberich-damn-him/Mother North, but generally 2-3 4* in each color. This does two things. First, it ensures a deep bench for wars, color restricted tournaments, and events, and the ability to stack colors for titans. Given that these are good sources of the mats needed for 5*, doing well in them sooner rather than later is a good thing. The other, and in my opinion more important benefit, is that it gives the player the opportunity to learn how the various specials work in practice, and how different heroes synergize with each other. They have a chance to develop their own playstyle and learn what types of heroes they prefer to use, before spending a ton of resources on a hero that doesn’t suit them.

For example, some players prefer to raid with a mono team, relying on high tile damage and board manipulation. Others prefer a rainbow or 2-1-1-1 stack, and rely more on special abilities and synergy to get the win. Some prefer direct damage dealers, some prefer a “no mana for you” approach, some prefer a war of attrition and run two healers. None of these are inherently any better or worse styles than the others, but they do mean that different people will prefer different heroes. Better to learn that before they spend rare materials on a hero that they won’t enjoy using.


@Rigs as far as mana breaks go, I tend to look at which two heroes that troop is assigned to most frequently, and set my targets for the next point that will shave a tile off of charging speed for one or the other of them. That’s going to be different depending upon the speed of the hero to begin with. For example, my top green mana troop goes to Mother North on defense and raids, and to Tarlak on titans.

The 7DD infographic showing charging tiles and break points is my best friend.


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