New Player - advice on two star heros

My Stronghold is at level 8 - soon to 9 and my training camp is at 8. I have only been getting the same 5 blue heros - Olaf, Ragnhild, Toril, Sigrunn and Brand. I have a 3 star Trainer Hero and he seems to be better than the other 5, I’m running out of space for heros as I am amassing lots of blue heros and I don’t know who to level up. My hero capacity is 45. Any idea who I should focus on, or when I have a chance of getting a 3 star blue hero?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Strange you are getting only blues, maybe you are using color specific training in your training camp? You could try training camp level 2 (uncommon).

Ragnhild is ok, you could work on her until you get better heroes.

If you have the gems, more hero capacity is a good investment on the long run also.

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve been doing both blues, and uncommons, I was hoping doing the blue training would unlock some new blues but I think I have to wait until level 10?

I only have 69 gems, should I be saving up for elemental summons or using them on maxing out my heros?

I’m trying to read as much as I can but there seems to be so much to read lol, so working my way through it slowly.

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Don’t spend resources on 2* heroes

Then what do I do? I only have 2 3* heros and not sure how to get more, if I don’t level up my heros I have no space for new ones?

2* heroes are food. Worthless

Well, as a f2p player you need to stay with some 2* for some time.

Lyla (purple) is absolutely one to keep and evolve until you get something better. Ragnhild will do.

Just wait for the next 300 gems you will earn by opening the chests (slow but sure source of gems) and by the missions. Then you can choose which 3* you will get next by doing elemental summon.

Once you’ll at training camp 13 you should be able to put together a good 3* team.

And in the meantime you may be lucky and pull some 4*!

Just don’t rush. If you are f2p the better route (IMHO) is to build a good 3* team, possibly even two for colors for stacking against titans.

You will have the same fun as those with 5* by competing at your level (e.g. by doing the “rare” level of seasonal events).

And by the time you’ll get the 4* and 5*, you will have accumulated enough material to evolve those.

It’s a long, long (but fun) way to go!

I just noticed I replied to the wrong message! The reply was intended for the OP! Sorry for the confusion.


P2w players start with leveling 4*, f2p and c2p starts with 2* and 3*. Which 3* do you have?

You can get more 3* from higher level training camps, level 10, 12, 13.

Training camp 13 8s a good way to build a 3* bench.


I’d be very willing to spend gems to increase hero capacity, I found it very useful. I’d ignore elemental recruiting completely, unless you’re lacking a color in 2*.

Training camp level 10 will be your friend: it’s the first training camp that has a chance of 3* heroes. Once you get there, things will get better. Training camp Level 12 gives guaranteed 3* heroes, then level 13 is 3* or 4* heroes.

I was in a similar situation at one point, where I had lots of 1* & 2* feeder heroes and no one above 2* to feed them to of the same color. What I did was feed them to a more worthy hero of another color, trying to make sure to game the leveling so that I would not just barely tweak over a level.


I would keep every single gem for the elemental summoning.

When you have a solid rainbow 3* team you can start thinking about enlarging the capacity.

(my 2 cents)


Rush your SH at level 13 and start 2 days training.

As @SilverDragonR said it is a good way to build your very first team.
Use your 2* and 3* heroes to farm profitable provinces such as 7.4 (chest filling) and keep your 1* and 2* heroes uncollected in your training camps: when you’ll have 5 heroes of different color to level then collect them and perform monochrome training to increase your exp gain and skill leveling chances.

lv11 training can help you with this: you’ll need less recruits to achieve a 7/24 production.


My early team had Layla, Brogan, Bane, Sharan and…Olaf possibly. All maxed.

One by one they got replaced with better 3* heroes…

Then one by one those 3* heroes got replaced with 4*…

FTP players don’t have the luxury of jumping to 4* or indeed 3* immediately!


All f2p players start by leveling some 1 and 2* heroes. I used 2* Leyla and even 1* Sharan for a pretty long time. So work with what you got. A rainbow team is recommended at that level, to get the maximum available out of tile damage, as your heroes special skills are not very powerful yet and you probably don’t have experience stacking heroes of the same color. Soon as you get a 3* of the needed color (and you will) forget about the 2*. If you got maxed 2* heroes you could keep them, for they will be of some use in alliance wars, if you are member of a lower level alliance. If they are not maxed, feed them to a 3* as soon as you get one. Most important thing is that, as soon as you get on the map to a level you can’t defeat with your current team, you must start farming the lower levels you already completed, for resources, troops and feeder heroes. Let no world energy go to waste. Always use all of it for farming if you can’t advance on the map. Don’t think about buying hero roster capacity expansion yet. Use first gems to get heroes of the color you need at the elemental hero summon. You may get lucky with a 4* or even a 5* hero, even if that is a very low probability… But that is a guaranteed 3*.


Hurry to get one of your training camps to level 12.
Only farm 8-7 and nothing else on the map. From Quests only do Gather Food and Mine Iron.
After you are strong enough to beat last level of Scavenge Resources do it for the Summon Token.
Always play at least one level of all Special Event difficulties for the Summon Tokens.
Put all your recruits to two Training camps level 4.
Ocassionaly train UNCOMMON heroes (training camp level 2) using adventurer’s kits.
Do not spend any food for research of training camps other than level 1, 2, 4 and 12.

Summon Tokens and Training Camp level 12 are the key to get as many 3* heroes as possible.


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Thank you everyone, some great replies here and helpful :smile:
My team at the moment is:

(Dark) Layla lvl 24 (2nd Asc) **
(Holy) Sha Ji Level 14 (2nd Asc) **
(Ice) Trainer Hero (max)***
(Nature) Carver lvl 20 (1st Asc) ***
(Fire) Zudak lvl 1 (3rd Asc) **

I have Bane, Silthus, Gan Ju, Hou, Nash, Olaf, Ragnhild, Toril, Sigrum, Brand, Jenneh, Needler, Shaarkot, Jill and Sharan.

I’m listing those in case I made a poor choice in my team.

I only recently found the forums so made a few newbie mistakes I think.

Will eat my lunch and ponder the replies :smile:

Unfortunately I have already done research in both my camps to the max level, I will follow the advice from this point onwards though :smile:

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You could consider Bane instead of Sha, he is a good sniper, the rest looks ok. Switch to leveling 3*, when you get training camp high enough.

Some good 3*

Holy: Melia, Bane, Gan Ju, Kailani
Dark: Balthazar, Tyrum
Nature: Mnesseus, Berden, Brienne, Belith, Hisan
Fire: Namahage, Nashgar, Hawkmoon
Ice: Gato, Valen, Ulmer, Gunnar

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If I use Bane I have no decent healer, I found Sharan not great. I was thinking when I do levels where it is all dark enemies I could switch Layla out for Bane and have two Holy fighters.

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I was unlucky to not have a healer for a long time. I kept getting hitters. The events were hard for me. I didn’t get my first healer until tc20!!! Use 1* healing potions. I was able to beat the dark lord with no hero and 1* healing potions. It takes a bit more strategy and understanding what you’re doing. Then, when the healers come, you can start to use them.

I believe I had Tiberius, Scarlett, chao, Sonya, and berden - nature heroes avoided me. I believe I doubled up ice heroes instead of nature as I got Grimm. Now, I believe I have one of all s1 4* except kelile (they are not all leveled up though).

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Do not do elemental summons.

You can feed 1* to 2* if you rum out of room as you cannot farm if there is no space.

If you are willing to spend $5US, you can buy 1000 gems for that amount in early December. It is yhe best gem offer and you can summon heroes minimum 3*.

Meantime, grind.

Forgot, the gem offer will be about same time as Avalon event. Best summons available.

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