New Player - 3 Star Team Help!



Need some advice on which dark 3* to add to my team.

My current team is Bane, Graymane, Hawkmoon, Brienne

The dark heroes I have to choose from are, Prisca, Balthazar, Tyrum, and Renfeld

I also have Isshtak as an alternate nature option, atm.

I appreciate any advice, thank you!


Balthazar and tyrum :wink:


So either one works? Balthazar seems like a glass cannon lol


Agree completely with @Oracle83, Balthazar will give you the biggest punch by far, and Tyrum only because of his debuff ability in my opinion… though he’s got high health for a 3* also. I would say Balthazar first, Tyrum second.

I don’t think either Prisca or Renfeld are particularly good.


I would say tyrum… only because you have a decent attacking team already. Bane and Brianna are very handy in attack and graymane is ok. Adding tyrum for the buff would be helpful and his defence makes him a pain to kill without an attack buff… then enters his debuff haha. In saying that, Balthazar is a massive hitter for 3*.



I used Tyrum while I had a 3* team. I miss the debuff, especially when the enemy uses counter attack. Tyrum or Balthazar are your best choices. Tyrum in general and Balthazar for titans.