🏴‍☠ New Pirates of Corellia Challenge Event – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results

Finley is so good. He’s basically misandra and captain of diamonds done right, and on steroids

Did a single pull and got myself an Obakan(my 2nd one). I’ll hold onto him in case I can get something out of him from Hero’s academy.

Wow! The challenge it is almost incredible hard… Finished on legendary, with 3 restarts at last stage. As long as Proteus is not an option, it is hell. No chance to complete this challenge with 4* classic heroes as I did last month, to show to beginners how easy it is. Avalon is an innocent baby compared with this challenge.


At long last my watch has ended. I needed a great green and was steeling myself for getting the usual disappointing odds and NOT rage pulling after. I didn’t need to worry.

Not only did I get Kingston and Peters, but this 10 pull is godly. Holy schnikeys:


Btw people, this is NOT a typical pull! I think I’m done chasing after digital dreams, at least until November and Christmas, but I’m happy this pull turned out as good as it did. I might even keep and level the dupes, because they’re all pretty solid. We’ll see.

Edit: such a good boy… :blush:


Did three ten pulls with the gems I had and got Vodnik, Peters, Boomer, Leonidas (duplicate) and Kingston. I’m satisfied with that. The pirates aren’t too appealing overall.


Well, my bad. Actually it is easy with time stop and LJ (forgot about this item :rofl: ) The bosses shouldn’t be let to fire, or you doomed…


Finished rare.
Boss Battle Clip.


OK, for everyone having trouble with legendary challenge last stage, I finished it with 4* classic heroes. Heroes available for everyone. And I did a big mistake and do not choose antidotes like I did. Choose axes or bombs instead; the bosses slash attacks are pretty strong.


Do purple reflecting enemies also reflect DoT? Because if not, Proteus should still be an option IMO, and maybe even if. :slight_smile:

His special is reflected as well, so no, you cannot use Proteus. Perhaps is still usable when there is a single purple boss, but definitely not when are two of three purple. But can be used at the stage 14 instead.

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Rare was nice and no problem with a red stack (Bauchan, Namahage, Azar, 2x Nashgar) or Brienne, Melia, Mnesseus, Bane, Gan Ju first and the last stages with Brienne, Melia, Belith, Bane, Mnesseus (maybe Gan Ju would be better than Bane with his mana cut) - I’m still thinking about a good lineup for epic and legendary, maybe that fat mono red stack with Wilbur & Falcon :slight_smile: but without many red tiles it’s so slow…

I’ve seen ONE chest so far -.-

Are there any cleansers that are not purple? :thinking: okay, for legendary Vivica?
Rigard and Gill-Ra are purple…any others? I don’t have them in mind and didn’t find a list, hmmm.


Well you always have the good old reliable antidote potion. Otherwise there are a few, but they’re rare enough that they’re only an option if you already have them. Zimkitha, Ariel, and Lady Locke spring to mind beyond the ones you already mentioned.


Holy crap!! After months and months of ■■■■■■ pulls, I got both Finley AND Marie!!


Only one x10 pull :star_struck:


The game is slutty, increasingly reducing the chances of getting a new hero, so why invent several heroes ??? Rise items are hard to come by, give at least one chance to have heroes, so I see a lot of players selling their accounts. It makes no sense every month a new hero, events with new heroes and each time reducing the odds, ridiculous. pull 10 and trash 3 * and 4 * season 1. Do you think it feels good to keep spending in the game? Too much stupidity make it difficult for players to get heroes, do you think we will sell a kidney and keep trying? Of course not, the tendency is always to reduce spending. Sorry for my outburst, very sad about this game, 3 months do not win anything, nor hero of the month.


Already got my first chest after 2 stages
Screenshot_20191009-163401 Screenshot_20191009-163422

I’m not doing any summons though. Saving gems for Atlantis this month or next and coins for avalon & forest

I have a bit of trouble in the 5* difficulty. My team is BT, Wilbut, QoH, Leonidas and Marjana. Leo is my only yellow and don’t have many good options for a healer either, but I think it should be easier than Avalon with their stupid mana stealers


With those heroes should be a walk in the park :slight_smile: Still, I would replace QoH with LJ. If you watched my video above, you saw how important he is. Letting those bosses fire is suicidal and in the first run I had to restart 3 times the last stage. So embarrassing…


I saw one also. I had 5 already, completed Rare, got 1 from chest so now I am on 9… I can;t for the life of me find another chest though! haha

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I wonder if they increased the chances or changed the distribution. I’m on legendary stage 9 and got 4 chests. Last time I got 2 from playing through all difficulties.
Maybe they don’t want people to farm rare for 1WE?

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Don’t worry, I’m sure someone will be along soon enough to say they reduced the chances. :wink:


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