🏴‍☠ New Pirates of Corellia Challenge Event – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results


Sure, this is probably nothing new, but here’s what I focus on:

  • Well before the Challenge Event starts (like during Atlantis Rises), I restock my Battle Items, usually aiming to have at least 250 Arrows, Axes, Bombs, and Dragon Attacks on hand — that’s way more than I actually need, so it saves me any stress about running out

  • I use mono teams, as they’re typically easier and faster — and speed is really a lot of what’s important for a decent score

  • I typically run through each tier once for completion initially, starting with Rare, then Epic, then Legendary, and don’t use a lot of items on the first pass, unless I see a board where I know it’ll lead to an excellent score

  • I focus on hitting power, and don’t bring much for healing, if anything. I posted my teams above here: 🏴‍☠ New Pirates of Corellia Challenge Event – FAQ, Discussion & Summoning Results - #164 by zephyr1

  • As mentioned above, I’m lazy about switching teams around, so I usually don’t bother

  • After my first runs, I compare my scores with alliance mates who post theirs, or scores I see on the Forum, to see which Stages might benefit from reruns. If I don’t have scores to compare to, I look at my scores relative to each other, and identify anomalies, like a lower score on a Stage with the same number of Bosses as an earlier Stage.

  • I rerun the Stages that have the most potential for improvement, usually only a couple times each. If I improve my score, even a small amount, I move on. If it seems like it’ll be really hard to improve my score, I also move on. During these reruns, I use Battle Items as needed, in cases where I think it’ll be worth the time savings, or preserve a Match Score from having a good cascade. If I use Battle Items and don’t improve my score, I move on.

  • I don’t farm good boards or flee, I play through whatever I get every time; but I’m more generous with Battle Items if I think it’s a better run

  • Over the course of the Event, I watch my rankings drop. Early in the Event, I aim higher than I plan to end up, since dropping is inevitable. As the Event goes on, I start aiming more moderately in the midst of where I want to end up.

  • Each day, I look at my rankings for whatever tier looks riskiest for dropping out of the loot tier I want, and then I repeat the process from above for replaying some Stages. Usually I can bump up my ranking pretty substantially with just a Stage or two having a higher score. I try not to overplay, as it gets a lot harder to climb the ranks, and I don’t want to waste Battle Items or WE. I’m just looking to land safely in the tier I want. When things are looking decent, I farm Rare 3 on auto instead of replaying Stages.

  • For Pirates, I initially only planned to rank higher for Rare and Epic; when I saw those were looking reasonably stable, I replayed some of Legendary to jump up from top 10k to top 1k. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do that, but it actually didn’t end up taking a lot of effort or replays, and I ended up bumping up even higher to make sure I wouldn’t drop out.


@zephyr1 with the addition of family bonuses to event heroes, what do you think about putting all the family in this thread, as opposed to only the new ones. Or possibly starting separate threads for each family. Would be nice to see Finley along with say Sargasso in one thread like you have the new ones listed, for theory crafting purposes. I think there are some fun things to play with family bonus wise whether figuring out a full rainbow team (Riddles might be good) or a 3:2 teams with say Atlantis/Pirates or something. BTW discussions ive had, it appears that a full Riddles family with mana troops and bonuses would make all the Fast heroes Very Fast i.e. 3 ghost tiles for full charge on a Fast.

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Sure, I was planning to make the Wonderland threads today, so I can do ones for the existing heroes too, not just the new ones.


thanks…I am excited for this full family

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Might be a dumb question, but does the Pirates event only happen once a year?

The Challenge Events rotate, so each one normally happens every 5 months.

Because of the revamps in 2019, the schedule was off, and some Challenge Events repeated more often, while others (Pirates in particular) were skipped. But we should be back to normal now.

The new rotation appears to be:


See how all pirates family performs on raid defense here


Thanks for all those clips. Really interesting to see those families in action.

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Marie is cute! That counts!


Bad luck finally ended. Would feel better if I didn’t have a Telluria maxed already but can’t complain about a second one. My first Peters (the last 4* in the game I didn’t have and wanted before S3… now I only lack Mireweave and Boomer). And first MT, with almost full set of Tabards to max her soon.

Satisfied for now, given it’s only 12 pulls. I’ll take few more with the extra coins during the event. I think MT is what I wanted really, she looks fun. Finley is superior but my ascension queue of blues is quite busy already (Misandra, Vela, Miki…). Maybe Locke is fun also, but DOT disappointed me too often. Rest is meh I guess.


Bad luck not ended :frowning:! 200 summons not a single event 5*. Quintus, Sartana, Magni and Elena tho + a couple of HoTM. All dupes, triplets or octuples by now. Sad not mad :frowning_face:!!

Better luck to the rest of you!


Just got Finley in a 10 pull. My current defense is Alasie/Mitsuko/Kunchen/Drake Fong/Kingston. Is Finley a straight upgrade to my defense? I have Vela at 3/70 and was actually planning to give her scopes today. Should Finley get them instead? Then give him all of Alasie’s emblems and replace her on defense?

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Finley is OP IMO so he should replace Alasie

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Here’s what I used for rare after about stage 9. With Kvasir and 2 healers it was easy.


2 coin pulls from PoV: 2 3*

10 pull with gems: boomer and elkanen

Bought the offer and did another ten pull cause why not…

Pretty lucky after getting ursena and telluria from a single 10 pull during AR and also getting Guin and JF in a Single 10 pull last month :sweat_smile:


Play the lottery.

30 pulls finally netted my account a 5* pirate. Sargasso. I think he’ll do fine vs Field Aid and annoying healer tanks.

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Was hoping for Finley (like everyone else) ended up with Marie, Kestrel x2, 2nd Locke and my 8th Telluria. I fed off 3 Tellurias to max Guin after the pulls, so back to a more reasonable 5 Tellurias.

Will have to read up on Kestrel as I think I heard people say he was not very good… but that might just be compared to the best heroes available. Either way, I need to work on red soon, so it’ll prolly be between Kestrel, Jean Francois or Azlar (3/70)… I could also do PiB, 2nd BK, 2nd Grazul, 2nd Azlar, 2nd JF or Khagen. Lots of choices here.

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Nice haul, how many pulls did that take you? I think Kestrell is good, maybe the best of your options (I like JF a lot but he is a bit situational)


I didn’t count, but threw a couple hundred at it, so it was more than a few, but less than too much, lolz. Thanks, yeah I’m happy with it. Hopefully Finley will show up next time.

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