New Pins-emojis Request (not flags)

There’s a topic for flag requests, but none for other pins! I’d like to see new pins and emojis related to the game :smiley:

For example:

  • An Elena emoji! Can’t be that only Richard has his own emoji.
  • Emblems pins. Just like there are pins for the elements, there could be for emblems.
  • Some pin related to the game seasons (Karemdol, Atlantis, Valhalla) and seasonal quests.
  • More random pins! Like a muffin (someone was asking for that), or more animals.

Post your own requests. Who knows if SG could take some of them in consideration :wink:

Hi, there is no Slovak (not Slovenia) flag. I believe there’s a lot of players from this republic.


Thanks for creating this thread @Soiden!

I’d definitely like new pins for the avatar shop please:

  • Rose. I’d love to match it with Vanda avatar.
  • Snowman. To match the snowman avatar I never got. :sob::sob:
  • Cherry Blossom/Easter Egg/Bat/Pumpkin/Christmas Tree etc. Pins for the seasonal events.
  • Snowflake/Ice. There is already a fire pin.
  • More food and drink pins! I’m sure a jug of beer would be popular!

I like the rose suggestion. Following on that, scissors for Francine. :wink:

A bow and arrow would be nice.

I doubt there will be any alcohol pins added.


Yeah, class and family pins are the obvious ones

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alguien tiene un listado de todos los pin de la tienda? que lo pase por favor, gracias

“Does anyone has a list of all pins available on the shop?”

This is the closest (esto es lo más cercano que hay):

Oh yeah, a jack o lantern pin would be so great!

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