New Pins-emojis Request (not flags)

There’s a topic for flag requests, but none for other pins! I’d like to see new pins and emojis related to the game :smiley:

For example:

  • An Elena emoji! Can’t be that only Richard has his own emoji.
  • Emblems pins. Just like there are pins for the elements, there could be for emblems.
  • Some pin related to the game seasons (Karemdol, Atlantis, Valhalla) and seasonal quests.
  • More random pins! Like a muffin (someone was asking for that), or more animals.

Post your own requests. Who knows if SG could take some of them in consideration :wink:

Hi, there is no Slovak (not Slovenia) flag. I believe there’s a lot of players from this republic. Slovakia - Wikipedia


Thanks for creating this thread @Soiden!

I’d definitely like new pins for the avatar shop please:

  • Rose. I’d love to match it with Vanda avatar.
  • Snowman. To match the snowman avatar I never got. :sob::sob:
  • Cherry Blossom/Easter Egg/Bat/Pumpkin/Christmas Tree etc. Pins for the seasonal events.
  • Snowflake/Ice. There is already a fire pin.
  • More food and drink pins! I’m sure a jug of beer would be popular!

I like the rose suggestion. Following on that, scissors for Francine. :wink:

A bow and arrow would be nice.

I doubt there will be any alcohol pins added.


Yeah, class and family pins are the obvious ones

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alguien tiene un listado de todos los pin de la tienda? que lo pase por favor, gracias

“Does anyone has a list of all pins available on the shop?”

This is the closest (esto es lo más cercano que hay):

Oh yeah, a jack o lantern pin would be so great!

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I would love to see some new pins. It’s always the same ones. Also, it would be nice to see some new holiday artwork for the picture that pops up when the game is loading. I’ve seen that vampire guy with the six pairs of underwear every Halloween for the past few years. Getting a bit old….