New pin and flag background for Argentina


With the increasing amount of players coming from Argentina, like me, it would be nice if we could have a banner or at least a pin flag that could represent us.
I know this type of request is made very often, and since there arent too many fellow country men from Argentina in this forum this request wont have too much support…
That’s why i ask you community, people from other countries that can feel related to my request that support us, because i know I would have your back if you need my help.

Thanks for spending your time reading my post!



If you pay the gems you can get your pin at some point. Ps: thank god heros dont breath cause we’d probably paying for that

if devs created it and exists

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Thank you for your support! :slight_smile:

I refuse to belive that my friend boolz is the only person who is willing to support this cause. Come on people, please help us!

I was about to make a suggestion for that too , my country flag or background hasnt been showed either… would be nice if there were all possible flags aviable and we could buy what we like.

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Prosím vlajku Slovakia do pin :slovakia::slovakia::slovakia::slovakia:thanks