New phone, lost my account [SOLVED]

I emailed support and am awaiting a response but I’m sure this has happened to many other people. By honest guys how likely am I to get my profile back? I was level 24 with two five stars and I really don’t wanna restart

You didn’t sign in with a Google Play or Apple Game Center account?

When I got the phone the first thing I did was install Empires. As soon as it installed, it forced me to do the tutorial. It says I am signed into Game Center but I don’t ever remember seeing that on my old account.

I spent money on the game and still have receipts from purchases so hopefully that helps them track it down.

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Please see

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I did contact support and am still awaiting a human response. I was just asking the forum how likely is it that I will get my stuff back? I’m pretty addicted to the game and don’t want to wait 2-3 days to start playing again if I’m not going to get my stuff back either way

I do still have contact with a member of my alliance if that matters. But none of the other steps have worked so far.

Is there some way I can contact you directly? Sorry but I’m new to the site, I just signed up today to try and resolve this specific issue

@Monstermase You should be able to get your account back, and the receipts help.

Just make sure when you contacted Support, you submitted everything they ask for:

They typically get back to you within a couple business days.

Unfortunately, you just have to wait for them, because no one on the Forum (Staff included) handles account issues, and @Kerridoc and I are just fellow players, we don’t work for SGG.

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I’ve been playing on the new account today while I wait to hear back from support. Will this be a problem when it comes to restoring my real account?

I had same case when I got my new phone but after I completed the tutorial I could sign in with Google play account with old avatar…have you tried this?

I’m on IOS. The Apple ID I am using is currently the same as the last one I had

I don’t think so, but I’m not sure.

When I got a new iPhone the game picked up right from where I left off.

I’ve also used my iPad to play in the past, and just signing into Game Center with the same Apple ID resumed my game without issue.

So I’m not entirely sure how you ended up in the state you’re in to begin with — but it’s happened to other players before too, and ended up resolved by Support.

To be clear, @zephyr1 and I are just players like you; as moderators we have some extra tools to help keep the boards calm and collected. We don’t have any way of helping you directly.

The site operators were able to locate and return my account this morning. So for anyone in the future that has this problem, yes support will fix it for you if you provide the right details. Thanks everybody for your help.


Excellent, glad you got your account back!