New phone, can't use game accounts

I recently got a new phone. I did the same last year and had no problem. This time, after the install, it doesn’t recognize my old account. So I followed some of the advice here and played through the tutorial. This, however, didn’t help. When I click on settings, and then go to ‘sign in’ to access my old accounts, it remains grey and nothing happens.

I would be grateful for any advice anyone can give. I’m pretty frustrated. Maybe this is a sign I should quit playing…

Android or Apple? And was old phone Android or Apple?

They are both Android. And not sure if this matters, but they are actually the same make, Motorola, but different models I believe.

You have google play installed, and signed into account on that?


When you open your old gmail in a new phone it gives you a little quizz to answer it on your old and new phone to verify its not stolen and its you using both
If you sold your old phone or gave it away without removing your gmail from it
This might happen

Close the game (actually close, not just minimized).
If not already present, install Google Play Games.
Open Google Play Games and log into your Google account in this app.
Open the game.

Happy gaming (hopefully)


Haha. I just saw this message but that is exactly what I did about half hour ago and it worked!! Installed Google Play Games and replayed the tutorial (since I deleted and redownloaded earlier this morning) and was able to access both of my accounts. Been stressing all day about this, lol. Appreciate the help!


Cool, welcome back to the game :smile:
And please mark one post as the solution. It might help someone else :+1:


the most complicated thing in all of this is if you had changed your phone from Android to IOS, because there you need to transfer the code from one OS to another, but you need the old mobile to do it or another mobile of the same OS with the old account to do it

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