New Peer Support Channel Added to the In-Game Chat!


It has been great to see how active and helpful our community is, there are many of you who love to help fellow players out. We really appreciate each and everyone for doing this, so BIG THANK YOU! :hugs:

Some of you have requested a separate chat room for the community support before. Good news, we have now added in 1.7 new chat channel called Peer Support! Please note that we cannot offer official support there and any support request should go through our official support channels as usual (you can submit a new ticket here: As we are currently testing out this chat, the chat room is only available in English for the time being.

As with the other chat rooms, if you face any spamming or other violations of our Code of Conduct in the chat, please don’t hesitate to use the report button!


Hello Petri,

This room is a great idea.

I hope it will stay for that purpose.

Some players are started using it for recruitment even if I asked to stop.

I tried before on the Off Topic room without success but this room should get rid of these messages.



The idea of the chat is wonderful Petri but please read this screen from it earlier. I did report and block this pervert (mainly because of the name) but for every troll blocked ten more pop up. Awhile ago chats by level were recommended, not as an absolute must follow but something that simply locks this type of thing out for those who wish. If that cannot happen can there be a way to create a room invite only on the users end ? I’m not sure how complicated that is, I’ve only seen it in one other game but it really seems like it doesn’t matter how many chats are added these things just keep coming up. I’m sick of blocking, I’m already over half way to filling my 500. Trolls genuinely do not care what the name of the chat is. There has to be some other way to filter it out, please.


@Vivenna, a chat by level for this room is a non sense. It as been created to help low level players :slight_smile:


I know, the idea as explained awhile ago had nothing to do with training lower levels, answering questions etc. It was just simply mentioned as a sort of reward for playing the game and being active. It wouldn’t take the place of these chats, just be a spot where they literally can’t annoy without playing the game and leveling up.


Well, I’m going to do what I can to keep poking my head in when I’m online. Do what I can to keep the conversation focused. Not a solution in itself, but it does help! I’ll see if I can recruit friends and alliance members too…


I know it’s not possible, but ideally I’d love to see trolls immediately banned for an hour when they are reported by more than X number of players in a short time period. Or even if someone breaks the rules (no profanity, no harassment, no spamming); an hour isn’t very long, but it frees the other chatters from the presence of the trolls and works like the Darwin Awards: the trolls own behavior bans them. If they dont like being banned, they have to change their behavior.

Listen to me dreaming! :grin: