New options for alliances and COMMUNITY to grow/ give meaning to

In my opinion, game becomes too much of grinding and almost a chore to do the same activities on daily basis (world energy, titans, raids),…

Wars, tournaments and events are a nice touch, but if you exclude everyday repetitive titans, WARS are the only thing, that can provide alliance with a bit of stategy / communication ( fresh NEWS in repetitive world). Rest is more, do it yourself if you want…

I feel , community is the most important aspect of such game as E&P, besides SG getting money from offers and heroes :slight_smile:

With the repettite options currently available and restrictive chatting options in game, I think game is on a downward spiral.

I am writting this from the point of caring for this game and wishing it to grow and strenghten ranks!

Thats why I propose next changes :

- GAME needs atleast 2-3 events where alliances participates differently (this would open up discussions, offer more entusiastic approach, and destroy repetitivness). There were already many good suggestions posted here on forums, so I wont bother with new ones.

TITANS : should be once 1 week, make them more interesting and have stronger loot (for example : give them ‘‘DANGER’’ spot besides weak spot, from which he immediately counter attacks. Another option for titans could be 2-3 abilites (he uses randomly like Danzaburo or Rumple to make fighting more unique. I think TITANS should have ‘‘OMG we screwed’’ effect on player, not just another critter to smash…

WARS : leaders of alliance should be able to propose revenge on victorious alliances for extra war points and better loot. If enemy accepts and they loose again, they get 0 points and 0 loot (instead of some loot and few points). Leaders should be able to communicate with enemy leaders in chat (during preparation phase) and it would be visible to all.

  • Event where you have to setup 6 defenses instead of 6 attacking lineups (for WARS). It is completely differemt approach.

  • INVITE a person (friend to a match), and choose to be defender/attacker (if you are defender, you watch passively, but have option to target specials) - chat is open during match (include options of magic night, dense fog, etc,… also for wars).

  • One event for alliance could be ‘’ PUZZLE ‘’ (hence the name) questions, related to the lore. Each participant would have to answer 1 question and could ask allaince for help. First, they have to choose colour of question (holy, dark, fire, etc,…) and question would be related and would have higher chance to deliever reward later. In the end, if most answers were correct, they get monster to fight of the chosen puzzle( colour) for next 24 hours . If they were mostly wrong, they get the counter colour and stronger boss with weaker reward.

DO we want more interesting, impactful and less repetitive activites on daily/ weekly basis? :slight_smile:

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