New options at war

Hello I have played this game for almost three years and I do not deny it I like it very much.
My suggestion is to improve wars. So far there has been no change and it has become monotonous and boring.
I would like the wars to have a profile more like tournaments, include bloody wars or that some colors could not participate. Until only four or three stars are made.
That would make the alliances more interested in change and it would be more valuable to obtain new 3 and 4 star heroes.
For those of us who have been around for a while, it is boring not to have more to build, increase the warehouses, or increase the levels of the cabin and the academy would be super.
Thanks for the fantastic game

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Small giants is planning to do some changes for wars:

There is still no informaiton about this.


Maybe they were referring to elemental charge?

I wonder what happened to this.

I am not sure…

They mentioned All-New War Feature.

This is not hit the live game, but it is relatively old.

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Is it not the equaliser,, undead horde etc?

Anyway I vote aye!

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Just give us required Formations. Everyone HAS to run a reverse, 2/3, etc… That would add a whole new level of depth to defensive strategies, attack strategies, etc. A Rush attack with a 2/3 formation? Minion horde reverse formation? Yes please.

I don’t see them implementing one where there is no specific color or 4* and lower. I just feel like there would be way too much pushback from the community.