New onatel fix?

Just read through the V22 update notes, noticed it seemed like the devs “fixed” onatel’s special skill, but when this was brought up before it was working as intended.

So does this mean Onatel was not supposed to steal mana if effected by Hel or proteus all this time?



You mean opponents still get reduced gains? Which is fine and how it should have been, but yea onatel gaining mana under “cant gain mana” skills is bs, so hopefully they fixed it but idk if they did

Up until this out of the blue announcement, her special was working as intended and non bugged per petri


Well I hope they fixed her this way. Proteus/Hel special skills description says the opponent can’t gain mana, regardless what’s the source of mana.


Which if you read the thread i linked above was my exact argument lol was told “no you’re full of *redacted by mod*” by multiple players and a dev, so just happy for the “i told you so” moment


it did say the effect can’t be dispelled, unless she dies so there’s nothing to be fixed?..

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I read the release notes for v22 and:

Fixed a bug where Hel and Proteus were not blocking Onatel from gaining mana

Wop wop :smile:

The effect isn’t dispelled. Onatel still reduces the amount of mana gained by enemies but she can’t gain mana herself because Hel/Proteus prevents enemy from gaining mana.

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For what it’s worth:

Looks pretty solid that you’re getting your I-told-you-so moment.

But you’re still full of it, just on general principle :kissing_heart:


If gains by opponent are reduced then is it truly dispelled?


This is marketing speak. Blame legal and marketing. The forum has to use their guidelines.

Labeling this kind of balance change a “bug” is very useful for reducing complaints to customer service ( costs money to process) and retention of Onatel players ( retains revenue) who are not connected to the forums.

Since it involves marketing and legal, I wonder if it is related to puffery ( linky, linky). Which would actually mean players are supposed to realize it is a balance patch since it took the Devs so long to address it, but by calling it a “bug” all parties involved realize it will be a nerf to balance those who do not have Onatel.

We are mostly seeing it now because of the recent reintroduce of Hel.


I took it as the inability to admit they screwed up…


Personally Dev Tim seems okay with saying “oops, Proteus/ Onatel was fine but Hel/ Onatel is broken”. Coincidentally I just recommended a new teammate use Hel/ Onatel on flanks.

But every single lawyer in my family always says “Never admit to anything unless your lawyer is present”.

Since original Devs are no longer the owners they cannot buck legal/ marketing, but smart Devs listen to legal/ marketing since you are paying for their expertise so follow it or find new experts.


QFT. You hire an expert because they’re an expert. If you know better yourself, don’t hire an(other) expert. If you do hire an expert, listen to them.


Anybody read the SGG’s Terms of Service?

We reserve the right to control, regulate, change or remove any Virtual Items without any liability to you

And remember they’re based in Europe, not in US. It’s much more difficult here to sue a company and win. Also we have a rule that loser pays court fees which prevents people from questionable litigations.

Just tested it because I really hated how Onatel could gain mana (by stealing it) even when she was under Proteus special.

Onatel now gets zero mana when under Proteus special even if she could steal something thanks to her special.

AND heroes under Onatel’s special has their mana gain reduced as in previous versions (by the 25, 50, 75, 100 %), but the “stolen” mana goes nowhere.

I suppose the some will be with Hel, but I don’t have her, so I can’t verify that.


I thought proteus/onatel and hel/onatel were both broken. That was my understanding when i made the original thread after seeing video proof of both. What am i missing outside of a legal defense aid for a bunch of millionaires to keep jerkin around their customers?


Well fanbois will defend anything lol. Glad you got your moment tho.

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Lol as far as forum, i love these moments


Actually it is not dispelled as still active but “blocked”…

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Does anyone want to do me a favor and explain

  • Fixed a bug where Hel and Proteus were not blocking Onatel from gaining mana.

To me? I didn’t follow all those Onatel interaction with Hel / Proteus threads and don’t have time to sift through them right now. All I really want to know (as an Onatel owner) is if Hel and Proteus block Onatel’s mana siphon or not. I don’t care how it was then or how it was intended to be. I just want to know how it IS.

Meaning no offense to Rigs, I’m substantially less interested in if Rigs was right or not. :stuck_out_tongue:

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