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Hi everyone. First, sorry for my poor English after that said, thank u for all your posts on that forum, I saw a lot of info and guides how to play E&P and there is my first post…I’m new playing E&P and only have some heroes ascended of 3* and only Tritón maxed+5 and Grimm on full in next days.
I’ve got in garage waiting Wilbur, Telluria and Tiburtus.
Colen, Mel+C and Merlin waiting for compass…and Elena+C 2/60…and here I’m…what’s next?..begin for witch one?
Here are all my stats…

I know I’ve learn use Wilbur, as you said he’s game changer…
I know Tib is same as Grimm…
No hitters…poor yellow…but I enjoy the play in all things, raids, tournament, titans…etc

Thank you for your replies…


Hi @Mestre, welcome to the forum. Your English is much better than my Spanish :slight_smile:

Do you have enough ascension materials to finish any 4*? That would give you a stronger foundation.


Here’s my best advice:

red: Wilbur, then Hawkmoon
blue: Grimm, then Gunnar or Captain of Diamonds when you get mats
green: Melendor (when you can), Berden, then Brienne©
yellow: Bane#2, then Gan Ju
purple: Merlin (when you can), Tiburtus, then Renfeld

I don’t think it’s a good idea to give the next set of hidden blades to Elena, as tempting as it may seem!! Wilbur should be your top priority, since he’ll improve every area of the game for you, and it will probably still be awhile before you can fully ascend Elena.

It is tempting to start on Telluria, but 5’s take so many resources, it works out better to level the 3’s and 4’s first. Melendor is also a great hero, and I’d recommend giving him Sturdy Shield before working on Telluria.

Good luck!



You’ve already been given some great advice. I’ll just +1 with what they’ve said.

It’s tempting to jump to the shiny 5*s but most aren’t as strong at 3/70 as maxed 4’s… better to get a nice set of 3s and 4s before working on those 5s. Get some mats accumulated. Get some experience under your belt with raids and wars. Then you’ll have a better idea of who you want to spend the mats on.

Happy grinding!


What @Math4lyfe, @Raghadorn, and @JonahTheBard said. Get 2-3 3* in each color, then use them to get the mats for 2-3 4* in each color. Then and only then work on your 5*


Are you in a good alliance that provides solid advice? That can be a great help as well.


Ey! Thanks at all…
My alliance is not good …I finished first on every titan…
I’ve got mats for last ascension but no compasses for;
Merlin, Mel+C and Colen…Costumed Mel will be my first choice surely plus add emblems then.
I’m working on 3*…C Bane 2/10 but fast ascension…and then wanna work on Hawkmoom+C, cause can use her in battles.
Question, what mats need Wilbur? That hidden blades? If yes will save for him, I couldn’t find answer in forum …and Tib?
Here it go my mats…

So, I know that 5* must wait, but Elena help me a lot in seasons versus bosses…jijiji
I don’t like Colen for ascension cause he’s between everything, not sniper, not buffer, not debuffer, not def…what you think about him, not a lot of fans in community.

Thanks for replies…best wishes and growing mats 8-P

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Hi @Mestre!

I hope that will help you to know what mats and how many you need to ascend your heroes.
Good luck!


Huge…Thank you so much…saved.
All heroes uses same mats

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The wiki is also a good source of random facts like that, worth a bookmark.

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Thanks, …marked… I’ll read
Edit; got it before…fandom. I’ll read in deep

This should be remedied ASAP.


Hahaha…with this confinement will be…

Just wanted to welcome you to the forum @Mestre! You’ve received the best possible advice above so no need for anything from me except DO NOT TOUCH A 5* until you have 3-4 rainbow teams of 3* and 4* hero’s. Plus the mats to finish them, or at least get them to 3/70.

Good Luck!! Check back in and let us all know how you are doing. Oh, and get yourself in an active, good alliance quickly!!

*** I’m impressed with your English, I believe its better than mine and I grew up speaking it.


I fully endorse this statement :rofl:

@Mestre find yourself a good training alliance. That will help you immensely in learning the ins and outs of the game. There is an alliance recruiting category here. You can post there and get a bazillion responses :laughing:


Read this as “Brazilian responses”. :woman_facepalming: And I’m English speaking. Lol.


That’s why you’re not “English4lyfe” :rofl: :sunglasses:


Your responses are all appreciated…tomorrow I’ll search new alliance…
I like this game and I know that I’ll need time for great heroes, step by step.
Will tell my inputs on this tread, and for sure more answers…
Thanks again.


Look here. You’re bound to find one you like.


Hi, thank you for link…read…useful.

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