New offers

Dear small giant,

Please don’t make these offers all cost gems instead of actual money

I kind of saw it coming from the first deal and then I saw this

I and many others appreciate the free tokens but it’s obvious that you’re trying to make more money by making people buy those overpriced gems from the store to get these deals

I do hope I’m wrong and that those 2 are an exception


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I haven’t seen this offer? When did it roll out?

On the other hand, it makes the offers possible to buy with gems people gather during gameplay. Not as clear-cut.


On average people gather 10 gems per day and the offers like 500 gems for a cape doesn’t really please anyone

Everyone is waiting for Christmas offers, I don’t mind them putting different stuff in but don’t make it cost insane amount of gems

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Me neithere, maybe you get it after playing a year?

FYI…actually just got the offer about an hour ago (I have been playing for about 3 months).

Hmmm neither my main nor my alt got offer

Great. Congrats. Awesome job !

why is this posted in the beta lounge? It isn’t beta related.

I’ll move it over to General Discussion.

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Isn’t it even a clearer way to make money to charge money?

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Now, if they would also do those gem deals they do at events today, my 500 gems could go to 1000 and I might get this one… :wink:

I looked at this offer and passed only because I picked up my 4th shield last week; otherwise, I am all over this.

The tokens cost 1000 gems, alone. Offerring a bonus of two 4* mats and other useful stuff.

How overpriced is this? Not at all.


Face value, yes. But the deal will be bought on what it is worth to the person.
Its not a bad deal for newish players.
Me? I wouldn’t pay more than 600 gems as those tokens are only worth half as they can’t get event heroes.

Gems over cash does give free 2 play players a chance to get the package though. If it was cash those players wouldnt buy it. Makes it more available to a wider customer base. Hope that makes sense.


So you want all of the spring event deals in gems?

I already said, people earn 10 gems on average per day, 1 or 2 of these offers and no on will have any left

Yea i do. Cash only would make it even harder on free to play. Not all can afford to spend cash. Gems instead of cash makes fair for all. I buy a good package whether it’s for gems or cash. But I’ve seen players save gems for a long time, so it’s nice to see them have opportunity at good packages. Sure they have to be wiser bout spending due to scarcity of gems but better than no good package for them at all.

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Or better yet, continue what they’re doing which is some for cash and some for gems


You’re a funny guy

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They’ve had plenty of good cash deals for gems, if you’ve spent all yours and are forced to buy the pricier gem packs from the store, that doesn’t mean others shouldnt be able to buy packs using gems they’ve saved up from just playing the game. You want to know what’s funny? People complain that sg only offers good deals for cash, now they’re offering good deals for gems; and people still complain. Either way people are going to complain. That to me is funny.

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