💎 New Offer – Share the Gems! What do you think of this? / UPDATED for return in July 2020

True FTP are iron willed. At this point they could offer me a million gems for $1 dollar and I still wouldn’t buy it.

That being said I did feel a brief moment of guilt for not purchasing (a gift to show appreciation for your team)

I was very thankful for the generosity of my fellow alliance/family :heart:


If you’re skeptical, the offer seems like peer pressure especially to members who are f2p.

I view it like alliance wars, it’s almost like team work. Builds comraderie, I’m fortunate to be in an alliance with similar game play members so most did the offer.

I didn’t count because I don’t want to know but I can say my in box was flooded with gifts. :smile:


Our Alliance is smallish. And f2p or c2p. We call the offer Gemass in July! As leader, I find the offer a fun way of celebrating our goofy and fun nature. It’s very good for the esprit de corps overall. Plus there is no expectations demanded on members to do the gem purchase.
Merry Gemass everyone!


Love this offer. I think it’s probably the best value in the game. Especially if you factor in the social aspect


Is it though?

What percentage of players do you think plays this game entirely off of a mobile device?

It is a very nice idea, to share it with my friends makes a alliance strongest and friendly. Keep doing great things… :laughing:

SG I like this offer! It’s nice when we can help fellow alliance members. We have a great alliance. Everyone is mature, willing to do their part & help others achieve. I dont mind those that cannot purchase. We all have different situations.

But…could you plz make them anonymous? I like the idea of "giving without getting caught ". :grin:



I don’t think it should be anonymous. It should be optional.

And also add an option to send a custom message in case we want to. Tbh, I’d love to send messages attached to the gems. It would be time consuming but, it’s sweet and some people could use more nice words than gems.

Can we add a poll about it, @zephyr1?


I think it’s a great offer, and should be there more often, it’s great to help your alliance. HERES THE DOWNSIDE…I LIVE IN OREGON USA AND THERE IS NO SALES TAX HERE SO GIMME MY REFUND PLEASE!!

You’ve managed to turn a good thing into a negative once again… maybe blame UCLA pack for suggesting to SG to run this type of offer again.

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About the option for sending anonymously or adding a custom message, you mean?

I think a better approach than a poll would be to just create a thread in #ideas-feature-requests that people could vote on.


Apple and Google handle all of the taxes and payment processing, so if you were mis-charged, I’d recommend contacting whichever one of them processed your payment.

There’s a bit more information and links for each in this Support article:

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Our alliance enjoyed the Valentines and now have jumped at the opportunity to purchase this current offer.

I find the “reducing social pressure” a disgusting message why highlight the " DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED" and on and on about f2p what sort of an alliance do you have?

Our message was in lower case and simple "Please do not feel obligated to purchase the offer your contribution to our alliance is most appreciated "

We are a mature adult alliance and approach it as mature adults. I wouldn’t recommend anyone use that message I would simple look at my alliance and say it the way we always say it.

Thank u to the devs for again providing a nice gem reward for our members.


IMO, please do not stop this kind of offers. Twice a month would be ideal.

I even put up an alliance message “no pressure to buy the new gems offer” as my alliance is about half P2P and half F2P/C2P.

I was the first to buy in appreciation to my members. Also, it helps those who are F2P/C2P to get more gems as compared to saving like hell. As of now, 16 members bought the offer and for a small fee from those who contributed, everyone now has an additional 480 gems. I don’t really calculate but can anyone tell me how long does it take to get 480 gems collected by F2P? I am guessing a month or 2.

If all 30 members buy that’s an additional 900 gems per person in addition to the 300 gems from the offer. A total of 1200 gems would be equivalent to around USD15.

As long as there are no insensitive people in the alliance that says “WHY DON’T YOU BUY IT?”, why be ashamed of being helped by other members.


These offers are awesome and I’d like if they appeared once a month like Atlantis offers. Good way to share joy with friends and more than 10 members buying it make it better value than those challenge offers. I understand and am ok with some members not buying it out of principle, and I doubt any reasonable adult would dwell on such minor thing or peer pressure you.


Yes, this offer is a great way to support alliance members but with all the nerfing done on the rewards and all that, don’t think I’m gonna spend money on the game

I’m newish so did t know about the Val’s offer and just lept on it, I don’t care if anyone else uses it, was just nice to share the love with my team. Anonymous gift could make anyone that does feel uncomfortable not being able to reciprocate not worry about it but I honestly didn’t care if no one gave me any back.

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I’ll bet you 99.9% of the people who purchase those offers don’t even pay attention who does/doesn’t in their guilds. It’s just nice to say hey we are all in this together. Thanks again SG for offering that and it would be cool if you made it a monthly/seasonal thing. Really builds moral.


Love love love this offer! Thanks for bringing it back, it was a nice treat for my team :slight_smile:

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Fanboys are lame, sorry buddy.

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