💎 New Offer – Share the Gems! What do you think of this? / UPDATED for return in July 2020

What do you mean by “purchase for everyone”? If you buy this offer, everyone in your alliance gets 30 gems :slight_smile:

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Yes, everyone in the alliance. Hah. Sort of sucks when you’re in an unestablished alliance and there are a couple people that get a bunch free. I like the idea overall, just think that those that supply the coins to everyone in the alliance should get a little more than those that don’t.

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That explanation is what I usually get when price is 3usd vs 3eur, and I think we usually have same/similar numbers just in different currency. But this is much bigger difference, so it looks more like a bug, that’s why I asked.

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I love the gift, but would like to see an option to gift anonymously. I think that would remove much discomfort over reciprocation.


Well, you actually get 300 when you buy this offer, so you aren’t just supplying gems to your teammates :slight_smile: I have no problem at all when someone makes no purchase but only gets free diamonds. People live in various countries and have different life situations, not everyone can spend money on mobile games.

In my country VAT rate is 23% and I paid PLN 13.99 for this offer, which is €3.28 / $3.69; or $3.00 without VAT. So you’re right, €3.49 is a bit too expensive.

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I like the opportunity to do this, but I do post on chat the no need to feel obligated message to reciprocate. As an Alliance Leader I would like to see SG have an option for leaders only to do this, maybe twice a year, as a tangible gift or reward to the Alliance members. In our Alliance all members have worked really hard to learn the game and become better! We are a relatively new Alliance, the members work well together, and support each other! Due to this I would love to be able to give them this token of appreciation! Thxs, just have fun!


Meh. There’s always going to be “that guy” who tries to take advantage of the situation. Don’t let them be your fun sponge. Positive vibes. :blush:


No worries your SO is correct on spending on micro transactions and you did very well on not buying on this ‘deal’ :slight_smile: if your alliance doesnt understand your decision try a different alliance :slight_smile: by and by We do understand :heart:


I disagree. As the beast/creator of my alliance. I have many F2P, and C2P players… and a few like myself who buy alot of the good deals. I am happy to share and help my alliance grow. Considering I took everyone in and only require you to opt out of wars if you do not plan on using all/most flags, I do not expect them to change from F2P. We are family, and sharing is caring.

PS. Trust me when you are doing 30+ pulls, the 3$ spent does not matter to those people, but those 30 gems add up and do help the F2P.


I actually love this offer. And I hope there are more like it in the future. I am hoping that there will be hero gifting like if someone gets a five star duplicate they do not want to keep and they’re feeling generous, that they can gift an alliance member with said hero. Wishful thinking but I am not holding my breath for it.


I’m happy to share as well… that’s why I purchased it as soon as I saw one other person in my alliance do so… which is when I noticed it and thought it was cool.

I’m just saying… if you’re one of those who supplied others with coins, you should be commended/rewarded for that… I’m not saying punish those who didn’t do it… I’m saying give incentive… if they still don’t feel the urge to buy with that incentive, I would whole heartedly understand. I’m actuslly surprised SG hadn’t implemented it actually, as it would lead to more sales… :thinking:


6 (including me) of our ally members alredy bought the offer. Great thing to spread some love to the others.


I like this offer, spread the love :kiss:


I like the offer. Yay to Small Giant on it!

However I HATE the players that have been jumping from alliance to alliance getting more gems. We had one come in and get gems and then left, probably to another alliance to try to get more. BOOOOOOOO! to those players for screwing with what is a cool little offer…

Bought it as soon as I saw it. Thanks for bringing this deal back.

2,99$? Haha we can buy it for 3,49 € lol

There is a calculation error in the conversion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: -> 2,99 $ = 2,65 €

I love it, we need these types of deals more often

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Great deal. That’ s 900 for 3,49 Euro, which is great. In my alliance 20 people bought this, so everyone has 870 gems for that price. And it is much more fun to buy while you’re sharing.

That being said, me I have monthly budget for these things (seeing as I am social shut-in who just goes to work, maybe out with friends from work, but nothing else - which saves ton of money - and yes I know it is not best approach to live a life but social interactions are difficult to me so I stick with games instead), so I can spend a bit of cash on these occasions, but I fully understand that not everyone can or want to do so.


I would rather have a rare items so I can level up my players than have gems.

Firstly, welcome to the forum.
I think the whole idea of the offer is to share gems with your alliance mates? Or are you suggesting being able to gift AM materials?

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