💎 New Offer – Share the Gems! What do you think of this? / UPDATED for return in July 2020

My alliance made an announcement saying do not buy it if you don’t wont to. With that said I’m pretty sure 28 of us bought it


And some of us don’t use expensive phone plans.

But can I afford 2.99 twice a year, yes.

Maybe I am an impulsive shopper with a history of spending more than I, personally, am comfortable with on freemium games, and instead of ceasing playing the game altogether I remove my payment info and decide to cold turkey the spending process and halt a behaviour that has potential to escalate and become unhealthy for me.

Maybe I set myself limits, and opt not to break them even for a “nice” deal like this, because once the limit is broken, it’s even easier to break next time.

Maybe we have come to an agreement about where our household disposable income goes and we decide not to spend on gatcha/lootboxes and the like, and I choose not to have an argument with my spouse about it, 2.99 or not. As much as I love my new alliance, I think the deal is designed to use peer pressure to get people to break the seal and start buying. And it’s not very good for people that have solid reasons not to.

And yes @PapaHeavy I realise there’s no point not opening the mails, it was just to point out that there’s no effective way to sit out of this at the moment :wink:

Edit: and for the record, there are other ways that we could effectively help out our alliance friends. I would love the opportunity to send someone a hero or mat that would help them out :wink:


as a c2p player in a mixed c2p/f2p I find this deal great. So far 8 of our members bought it, even knowing many of our players won’t. I hope too see more deals like this every 3 months or so.


Great offer and a good way to show your appreciation of your fellow alliance members.

Thanks to my alliance, i will be able to do a 10-pulls in Atlantis without buying gems :partying_face:


True. But we’re also looking at people who’ve self-identified as being cell phone owners who also fun a cellular plan.

Are there countries where cell phones are $39 and cell plans are $2.01 per month?

I love this offer, but I too would like to see it anonymous. "Gem shipment from an alliance member " should be a sufficient notification, and that way those who are unable or unwilling to spend don’t feel singled out


IMHO it’s an amazing idea, great offer and a nice way to show your appreciation of your fellow alliance members.

It also was well accepted in our alliance, quite many members bought it as it’s a decent price.

I’d appreciate more offers like that in future!


While I empathize with your points, they seem more like YOU issues, and not SG issues or issues of your alliance.

IF you are resisting all the pressures of previous impulsive shopping extravagances and want to avoid an argument with your spouse AND having decided not to spend on gotcha/lootboxes… BUT STILL CHOOSE TO PLAY gotcha/lootbox games, you 100 per cent are aware that this exact situation will confront you - so as real as your issues are and as serious at they are for you, you should NOT expect SG or your alliance or me or anyone else in the game to bend the game to accommodate you. YOU MAKE THE CHOICE TO ENTER THE GAME WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THE STYLE OF GAME/PURCHASES THAT EXIST.

Either continue to employ your coping mechanisms and avoid purchasing ANYTHING EVER and deal with the minor additional pressure of the knowledge that other people are being generous and you’re being self-preservationist (rational, and a good choice) and with the comforting awareness that you would be generous in other ways if they were an option (donating heroes - good point, I want that too)… OR, leave the game because the pressures are too great and really, if a $2.99 offer twice a year is enough to push you over the edge, you probably shouldn’t be CHOOSING TO OPT INTO a gotcha game in the first place - for your own mental/financial health.

The third option is to only buy the team offers, (and possibly VIP if needed) on the idea that you are playing this game for X-hrs per day, and it has provided entertainment value to you, and therefore the artists who make it deserve to be compensated - plus a lot of the enjoyment you get comes from interactions with your alliance mates so a couple times a years you effectively buy one of them what amounts to less than a cup of coffee from Starbucks - but you then set your limit there. Not all limits have to be all-or-nothing.

Whatever direction you choose must be right for you - but it should not begrudge the game or developers or your alliance mates or me the right to enjoy the game as designed/and with the one thing that allows generosity to be shared. IF I could buy 10 of these offers to see every team mate get 300 gems, I would. I’d rather spend my money on that then on an Atlantis summons. But that’s just my position - which may or may not be right for others.


Maybe just " From the alliance" unstead of anonymous.
It sound kind of cold, not personal.
My thinking anyway.
Have fun pondering.
Also, From your teammates, alliance menbers, jewels fairies. :grin:


This is by far my favorite offer that SG makes! Helps me show my alliance some appreciation and no, I don’t expect it to be returned. Just a nice token of appreciation is all this is.


I love it too! Real nice idea, this is fun for everbody in our alliance. And doesnt matter if somebody do not buy this. Its just for fun. :hugs:


@Petri that’s the clever move that push people never spent (or spent really few) in this game to open their wallet out of a sense of “guilt” or just for friendship.

Stop that c*** about alchemy lab and costume thing.
Leave that friendly.

If you want to milk me and “my kind” of player, that’s the road to take.
Collettive offers, friends discounts and so on…

Less work, more revenue, people overall happy.


A great offer, making everyone happy and good for teamspirit, thanks :grinning:


It’s a fine idea, but the game REMOVED all the gems I already had before giving me the new ones passed along when my alliance members made purchases. I lost hundreds of gems a few minutes ago when I opened those notifications. Please fix this bug and restore my gems. As a ftp player, it takes me a long time to save them up.

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I completely understand that @Perilin. I myself have removed all my info from my phone also. Now I just buy cards with my extra cash. I find this helps limit my spending. I actually have to go to a store and buy a 25-50$ card so I realize the money I’m spending. Makes it easier to not impulse summon too :joy:

Mostly I wait for event heroes, saving my EHT or only summon during Atlantis Rising anyway. I have more than enough project heroes to keep my busy for a year. I really only want Wilbur (and Proteus to some extent) at this point.

Edit: I’d also love the ability to gift AM or even a dupe hero to another alliance member. Unfortunately I think SG may feel this cuts into their profit a bit too much.


While I currently own a iPhone, I also play Empires on a WiFi only iPod using free WiFi. I know many students who use refurbished, WiFi only devices for mobile games.

Many players share a device, especially families.


@Petri how come that this offer is 3.49 eur and only 2.99 usd? that’s a big difference

It’s a nice offer, I like the idea of helping out your alliance.

I had some chump change from answering surveys, so I ended up just paying a very small difference of $1. We’re also not obligating anyone to spend if their budget doesn’t allow it.

  1. Nowhere did I begrudge you or anyone else the chance to send each other gems.

  2. I’m not sure why you think I shouldn’t be able to continue to play something that is technically F2P, whether I haven’t spent a dime, or whether I have and I don’t want to spend anymore. It’s like saying someone that doesn’t drink alcohol shouldn’t hang out with people that do. Or saying that the person that doesn’t drink couldn’t possibly be fun, or have fun.

  3. As for choosing to play such a game, well. It’s against the rules to discuss other games here but I’m sure you are aware of just how popular it is to saddle games with extra purchases nowadays. Even though I would love to ignore any title that has any form of microtransactions, it would be hard to play with people I like.

  4. I’m not sure why you felt the need to lay into me and my issues with such gusto. I posted my opinion like everyone else does on this forum.

Bye now!


I would do this deal every week if offered…think it’s great to support if you can and if not, you’re getting helped out!!

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