💎 New Offer – Share the Gems! What do you think of this? / UPDATED for return in July 2020

It should effect many alliances. cooperation from all alliance mates is required the further you progress in the game and , depending on your wants/ reasons for playing, if you feel obligated go into a full FTP allaince where you wont have that issue. a lot of us like to keep tabs on who is doing what to help all from missed titans to non participation in war. that deal is no different that the guy only using one flag on a titan getting the item drop. guilt only comes from not being a team player and that’s a personal thing. if all you can do to contribute is hit every titan or never miss a war that’s definitely worth a non guilt feeling 30 gems anytime.


I have no problem with anyone not purchasing until they start constantly complaining about the slowness of their roster growth. everyone in game grows their roster the same way, by rolling gems for heroes and using training camps. if you are not willing to spend at all then …I mean…what do you expect really?


It’s a nice offer… pretty similar about cost with the ones SG offers for monthly events… with the plus of the sharing part… being part of an alliance of adult people… it is not a big deal if some of our members decide not to get it…so i think there is no need to change the way it is…if there is a complain about the “eventually pressure” for some members to get it the problem is not the offer by itself, but the way the alliance deals with it… imo


I think this was great!

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Ask SG - maybe they’ll tell us.


The game is much better with the “help out your alliance” feature than before when all purchases were exclusively selfish.

Yes, I believe generosity is better than selfishness. But then, I’m Canadian and we do that socialized medicine thing based on the same sort of kooky thinking.

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Lol thats too funny ! I LOVE this game!

I wouldn’t characterize a normal purchase as “selfish”. Merely as regular. This goes a step beyond regular, with SG donating gifts to all our alliance members in addition to a regular purchase (the 300 gems for $2.99). :slight_smile:

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It is a great way to share & appreciate your teammates. Plus, it happened during my alliance 1st anniversary, which was a nice way to say thank you for being a part of it!


Selfish isn’t a bad word. It means in the interest of the self. Purchase that benefit only you are inherently selfish.

Well yes and no:

The definition and it’s synonyms give the idea of one who is “uncaring for others”, “inconsiderate” or “greedy”. That’s why I dislike the word. :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is something morally wrong with me spending my money on me, which is where we agree. :wink:


Loved this I logged on and literally everyone in my alliance bought one


Yay! What a great team effort :slight_smile:


I’m a F2P player, so everyone was shocked when I purchased the gem package and was extremely grateful. Really if it benefits all of my players, I’m the Leader, I don’t think it was a bad thing to do. I will probably do it again on the next offer.



I’m C2P. I’ve got VIP (bought a whole year’s worth), might consider renewing it when it expires. Otherwise, I’m reluctant to buy gems because I haven’t had great luck with my own gem summons. However… deals like this that give gems to all of my teammates, I know they could use them (and will probably get better summons than me). I’m actually more willing to buy gems for somebody else than for myself.


Just thought

Special VIP Offer buy and share few good days to your alliance members.

:rofl: oh maybe I shouldn’t put up this friendly F2P idea

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It’s not really technically f2p if one player is paying for another. As long as SG gets their money, everyone should be happy.

I’d gladly buy gems for some of my teammates, but right now the only way to do so is to give them my credit card info, and I’m not about to do that :crazy_face:

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This friendly to F2P idea is new sarcasm, read costume beta thread :joy:

Ahh… haven’t read that thread yet. I’m still trying to get my **** together in the vanilla game, don’t even want to try to figure out costumes that completely change the heroes I’m still getting used to using.

My point was that I already know I have bad luck, so I’m not going to spend money on gems for myself when I know they’re just going to give me more 3* heroes. But I know the game costs money to run and the developers deserve to be paid for their work, so I’m not opposed to spending some money (not hundreds or thousands of dollars like some big spenders). I’d just rather give my gems to someone on my team who has better luck than me. Maybe they’ll get heroes they can actually use, lord knows I sure won’t. :upside_down_face:

I guess we in nearly same bracket of :broken_heart: pull

You don’t want to know my record, :zipper_mouth_face: 11 months and seventh 10X pull

only three 5* from paid gem (not from those 10X at all), two trainable from TC20 and one HotM

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