💎 New Offer – Share the Gems! What do you think of this? / UPDATED for return in July 2020

I didn’t say that anyone would force you into buying them, or that someone that buys the offer expect anything from the others. That would be wrong from many perspectives…
I m saying you will most probably either feel obligated to buy them after 10-15 times of the 5 same members always buying them, or at least feel the need to clarify/apologize that you won’t/can’t buy them… it s a natural human behavior anyone would feel…
Getting presents from others 15 times and not giving a single time, they don’t need to ask you to give them presents to feel the need to buy them something in return…
even if it is against your general principles of not buying or 2-3 dollars are something your real life would miss, the thought that you could look a bit unthankful would make you either buy them or feel the need to clarify your reasons…
And if they are only 5 members buying the offer it can be ok, if the majority buying them and only 2-3 members don’t, I believe sooner or later they would feel a bit unequal and guilty not “participating” as all the others do every time…
I’m not against this offer, as a matter of fact I like it, I just addressed a tricky issue that I believe eventually will effect many alliances…


Not sure if been posted before, but I think it would go a long way to removing some of the guilt some players feel for not purchasing if names were removed from the gift messages.

Just having it as an anonymous gift would be more comfortable for some as they then aren’t singled out by not having their name appear as a sender.

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Although I am unofficially an f2p, I still bought the offer for my alliance.
Just another way of appreciating alliance members.


There is still a BUG with the game. Several people have mentioned this same issue. This glitch does not credit all accounts. Please credit the accounts that were defrauded of their coins and fix this bug sighting.

Hello. Please see my other posts. My account was not credited any of the gems my team bought for me. I’ve alerted my alliance and ppl in this post. Please fix this issue as both me alliance members and I have been defrauded of what was purchased.

Hi @Arwishma, as I said before, no one on the Forum can help with that, unfortunately. We’re all just fellow players, we don’t work for Small Giant.

You need to contact Customer Support.

Here are the instructions again:


Another approach would be to have a check-box to allow a player to give gems anonymously, or to have one’s name attached.


Ooooh, as YOU spread the WORD … heh. Ooooohkaaaay.

Smartphones outnumber all other manners of play by more than 10:1

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I doubt it. Almost everyone I knows uses a tablet to play.

Makes me think of a song. Oops I did it again

I bought it and could care less if anyone else did and still hope the gems helped them


The only buying I did in game since last offer from Valentine’s day… But please SG, don’t think you can have my money with this offer every time you’re under the cut :wink::grin:


I agree with keeping it rare. Twice a year, maybe four times, but definitely not every month. It’s a nice surprise treat the way it is at the moment. It would just become part of the grind if it were regular, like another subscription to add onto VIP. I think it would also increase the guilt for people who don’t buy in, and potentially cause resentment in those who do.

It’s a gotcha game. You’re aware of this. You choose to play. So, like, don’t argue to make it something it isn’t because you personally don’t like the thing you’ve chosen to participate in.

It would be the same as going to a friend’s house for a $5 poker night and then halfway through the game suggesting they’re somehow wrong for playing for money.


I asked my wife. She didn’t know. I asked my hair stylist too, and she didn’t know. Neither of them knew your name at all. Both play the game. On smart phones. They are also part of ‘everyone’.

I believe that scientifically collected data fully disproves your theory. #scientificmethodofalmosteveryone


Yes, it was a gacha right from the start, but only a summon gacha.
Now we are talking about event gacha? Items gacha? Exchange gacha?

I mean, if i have to use your example it’s like your friend invite you for a 5 € poker. Ok.
Then 10 €. Ok, i still choose to agree, can’t complain.
Then he charge you for drinks. Eh?
Then snacks. Wait, what?
Then where you sit. Ok, enough.

Just kindly suggest that if you really want to charge me for something, you must be clever on that and not push me to go somewhere else.

I want to stay here, but only as long as i’m entertained and feel i have my own place in the game.

Take me that away and i have no other choice that find some other poker guy.


It doesn’t seem to me that you do want to stay here. It seems to me that you want to stay in 2017.

So, i just have to accept my fate and make space because things just have to change? (Always for the best?)

I’m not against changing, but it must be to improve.

You feel the game going to be better with that features the way it was?


It would be math, not science. But whatever.

So you think that people who play the game it is 10x for phones vs. others. I very much doubt it. SG would know fairly closely what the number is, but other than that it is speculation.

I hang around in 3 lines groups, 2 facebook groups, and a reddit group on E&P…so from that standpoint my sample size is largish…in the 100’s of players I’ve had discussions with on what they use. I’ll stack that against your wife and hairdresser.

In any case this has drifted pretty far from the main subject.

The topic is “SHARE THE GEMS! What do you think?”


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