💎 New Offer – Share the Gems! What do you think of this? / UPDATED for return in July 2020

Yes and Google says it’s the apps responsibility, noone wants to be the one to refund anything.

I dont agree with making it anonymous. I have played with many of my mates for over a year and I am happy for small chances to benefit anyone in my alliance. we had a recent run of a few alliance hoppers and it really made us appreciate what we have collectively. Specials of this sort allow me to thank al the people in my group who have made my roster possible, and when I help out from in house events to specials like this they get to see who cares regardless of if they spend back.


Yes it is. If someone wants to play, there are lots of ways that don’t include the one way you list. Which was my point, as should have been obvious.

To answer your other question I suspect the most common way the game is played in over a wi-fi connected device. That is my second favorite way to play, and most people I talk to that is what they are doing. But more are switching over to bluestack, as I talk it up. It really is much better for most aspects of game, especially if you have more than one account.

Yes, of course.

Sometimes they show up for a few seconds, then they disappear again.

This is definitely a bug. I hope it gets fixed, else I’ll abandon the game.

I loved it! So did my alliance!! It was nice to be able to share something. Wish we could do that with food iron and trade heros lol

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@Arwishma You should definitely contact Support then. Unfortunately, no one on the Forum can help with account issues.

Here are instructions:

@zephyr1 I really like this offer, but the offer should not give gems to players that have joined an alliance after the offer has started. Since I noticed alot of players jumping in an out of several alliances just to get the most gems possible. I really didnt lile that part of it.


Seems like a reasonable suggestion, someone could start a thread in #ideas-feature-requests for that.


How does one even time jumping in and out of an alliance to get gems? Just hoping for random luck?

Apologies if someone touched on this already.

Great offer but it was a little more exciting last time as it occurred during the Wonderland Summon.

It’s great for morale and helps everyone, but getting extra gems right now without special heroes to pull for is a little underwhelming.

Still love the offer and the sense of community it fosters though!

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Why would people feel obligated just because it’s offered? You either spend money on the game or you don’t. If anyone pressured you or tried to pressure you into buying? That isn’t an alliance you should continue to participate with.


It’s more about the team and less about the individual.


I mean… the alliance could just reject the request. :woman_shrugging:

I didn’t say that anyone would force you into buying them, or that someone that buys the offer expect anything from the others. That would be wrong from many perspectives…
I m saying you will most probably either feel obligated to buy them after 10-15 times of the 5 same members always buying them, or at least feel the need to clarify/apologize that you won’t/can’t buy them… it s a natural human behavior anyone would feel…
Getting presents from others 15 times and not giving a single time, they don’t need to ask you to give them presents to feel the need to buy them something in return…
even if it is against your general principles of not buying or 2-3 dollars are something your real life would miss, the thought that you could look a bit unthankful would make you either buy them or feel the need to clarify your reasons…
And if they are only 5 members buying the offer it can be ok, if the majority buying them and only 2-3 members don’t, I believe sooner or later they would feel a bit unequal and guilty not “participating” as all the others do every time…
I’m not against this offer, as a matter of fact I like it, I just addressed a tricky issue that I believe eventually will effect many alliances…


Not sure if been posted before, but I think it would go a long way to removing some of the guilt some players feel for not purchasing if names were removed from the gift messages.

Just having it as an anonymous gift would be more comfortable for some as they then aren’t singled out by not having their name appear as a sender.

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Although I am unofficially an f2p, I still bought the offer for my alliance.
Just another way of appreciating alliance members.


There is still a BUG with the game. Several people have mentioned this same issue. This glitch does not credit all accounts. Please credit the accounts that were defrauded of their coins and fix this bug sighting.

Hello. Please see my other posts. My account was not credited any of the gems my team bought for me. I’ve alerted my alliance and ppl in this post. Please fix this issue as both me alliance members and I have been defrauded of what was purchased.

Hi @Arwishma, as I said before, no one on the Forum can help with that, unfortunately. We’re all just fellow players, we don’t work for Small Giant.

You need to contact Customer Support.

Here are the instructions again:


Another approach would be to have a check-box to allow a player to give gems anonymously, or to have one’s name attached.


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