💎 New Offer – Share the Gems! What do you think of this? / UPDATED for return in July 2020 and June 2021

I hate the idea of anyone feeling uncomfortable, but even if I was the only one buying it, I would want everyone to collect, its part of the fun :smiley:

Its not fun feeling like anyone feels pressured though :slightly_frowning_face:

I can think of a hundred and one valid reasons for people not to buy it, with “I wouldn’t find it fun.” At the top of the list :slight_smile:

I appreciate teammates for a lot of reasons, and their spending habits are entirely their own business, making these offers anonymous would help keep it that way and I wish SG would do it that way :slight_smile:


I love this offer!

I couldn’t buy the first time around and felt horrible (I had the money, but not a credit card) because I REALLY wanted to give back some love.

I’m so glad I could immediately buy it this time around! I don’t mind if some people can’t/won’t buy back, it’s a small thanks for the support of a few members and that’s what counts for me. :slight_smile:


:tada: Thank you for this offer. Always good to share good fortune.

On the heels of the conclusion of AW, so it works as either a celebratory or commiseratory gift too - Very clever :thinking:


It’s an amazing idea! :wink:


It’s complicated

It does not have to be just one, it can be both, and more.

If it becomes a monthly occurrence, it will help encourage players to leave dead, dying, or solo, alliances.


It also is a good value in my case. My alliance is currently at 30/30. For $2.99 USD, I get 1,170 gems ( 300 + ( 29 * 30 ) ) for my alliance.

I have a hard time NOT buying it given my gaming budget and its price.

Gambling vs. Sure thing

I think this is great. Thank you for sharing.

The first thing I did was paste @princess1 chat message ( see top post ) into the Featured message for teammates like you and your spouse.


For people not in this situation, I spend a lot on hero roster slots, hero teams, and early in the game 500g offers for 3* ascension items. So I feel this is a great gift to my Elder player teammates with smaller hero roster slots, less hero teams, and missing a few 3* ascension items ( and have 2x to 3x rainbow 4* 3.60 teams).

Oh. and avatar shop. I must not forget my cool avatars, backgrounds and pins.

And Atlantis Rising WE refills. And Emblem packs. And Hunter’s special - if the come up - Harpoons, Titanium Shield and Panacea for triple bosses in Seasonal events and Challenge events. And 75g continue for 4* ascension item rare quests.


I think the offer is great and yes I spend a bit. I like the idea of giving everyone a few gems. Now there are probably some people in my alliance who are broke or are determined to be F2P. That is their business, I do know one member is a single parent and struggling at the moment. I do not expect anything back but know a lot will buy because it’s a cheap offer and it’s fun. What I do get is a lot of advice (often conflicting) as to who to level up next and combinations for war teams.
I would not expect anyone to question participation in any offer and certainly not pressure anyone in my alliance. If yours is like that leave. Unfortunately we are full…


If the offer keeps coming more people would feel obligated to buy it… nice selling strategy for SG
Especially if the same members constantly buy this offer, all the others would feel obligated in some point to contribute too… Always taking gifts and never give one doesn’t makes you feel good for yourself… :confused:
Nevertheless is a great and funny offer for c2p and p2w! Hope it had more options. Or to be able to choose when will you be getting them, or having it always in the market (a bit more expensive maybe or with different diamond ratio)… for use in member/alliance birthday - big alliance milestones like reaching top100 alliances etc…


Love it!! My alliance just all pulled together and won a tough AW so it was perfect timing!!! Would really like to see more of these


Hi all,
Is the pricing different for android and iOS versions? In Turkey we have an issue like this. The offer is 9,99 tl for my friend with android while I get it for 19,99 tl. Are iOS users considered to be richer or is this a mistake? Or is it smt to do with apple store getting more etc???

@Perilin, the money has already been spent. Not opening the mails just will have the 30 gems revert to the nothingness from whence they came.
That’s just a small present coming from someone in your alliance who likes to give. If it makes them feel good just graciously accept it. No pressure to reciprocate.

I did it simply because my alliance (only 15 of us left) are a bunch of really good people. The newer guys are really starting to pull their weight (had one in the top 5 scoring) and felt that rewarding them was a nice thing to be able to do. Hopefully it helps them out.

I think only 3 of us bought the package but that’s 90 gems per, so nothing to sneeze at for a F2P


Its really great for us FTP players. Thanks to my alliance.


Thank you Zephyr for all the love and engagement you put in presenting information for the Community! My reapect!

Also i really enjoy this kind of gem offers, would like to see them more regular. Maybe ones a month?


Great offer, did share .
Did it more for the new members, most of them being new to the games.
Just wished i could of skip on the deadwoods.
I will post no strings attached .:grin:
Have fun sharing.


@Petri is there not a sound reason to make this offer so that it’s anonymous, this would remove the unintended pressure on f2p players

I’m certain those purchasing don’t care if ppl know its them.


I agree, it should be made anonymous just like other games. You dont get to see the buyer just the rewards for the other members. However i am still cool with it either way, some people might feel pressured but not me.


I bought it for my alliance the moment it popped up! We have a really supportive group and we have fun with the game, no pressure. For me, I know there are some in my alliance who are really grinding in a f2p model for whatever reason, so I’m glad to give them a little boost. I don’t expect anything back, so I’d also be ok with the gift being anonymous because I don’t buy it for the recognition.


People play this game on devices that cost upwards of a $1000 through monthly pay cell plans that cost $40-$150… $2.99 twice a year should not feel like real financial pressure to almost anyone, and if it does, the cell plan ought to be reconsidered.

Even pure F2P players likely only resist out of principal, not out of the dire debt accepting the offer would put them in.


Personally I am split on this
As @JonahTheBard I too am a FTP player ( for all the games I play) , so I am grateful for my alliance mates sharing gems with me but I do feel a little embarrassed as I can only say a sincere gratitude, but can’t do much more than that .:relieved:
As for the offer itself, I think it’s probably one of the best offers - as it’s one way alliance leaders /members like to say " thanks everyone for doing good in war / destroying titans and keep it up ". :sunglasses::gift:

Either way thanks for bring this back other than valentine’s Day. :metal::+1:
And if I spent money this would be an offer I would definitely purchase .


I like the offer.
I also like the idea of making the donations anonymous, if the purchaser wishes to do so.
I also wish there was a way to send, or trade, ascension items with alliance teammates. Helping to ascend my teammates heroes, and they helping to ascend mine, would help out in Titan battles and Alliance wars.


There are countries where salaries aren’t comparable to what you see in the USA


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