💎 New Offer – Share the Gems! What do you think of this? / UPDATED for return in July 2020 and June 2021

They haven’t had Gifts from Rudolph discount VIP either. :frowning:

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SG more like Scrooge Giants :joy: no good offers, nothing ever for free…


Seems odd they’d miss an opportunity for us spend money. I was looking to toward to these too

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To be fair they did give you two free pulls on Christmas Day. The stuff I got wasn’t great, but it was free


I know right! :joy:

20 char…

Well said @Dudeious.Maximus Well said. It’s our way too.

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Its back again… Anyone know what the occasion is? :thinking:


SGG’s bank accounts getting a little low?

Peer pressure is a hell of an incentive to do your alliance mates a solid. Don’t cave into the pressure.

If your alliance wants to kick you for not donating “to the cause”, you’re welcome in ours.


Filling in a few Google surveys =
Free :gem:s for my alliance mates :wink:.


We have no pressure to do this in our alliance. I’d not be in one that did tbh.

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Same here. I know of a few alliances where that could happen but I wouldn’t want to have any involvement with one of those.

The occasion might be hoping that everyone goes for one more 10 pull to get miki…

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Since this runs until the 30th, it’s probably to mark the end of the first half of 2021


Just noticed that the stock is 2! So you can buy it twice for your alliance….


100 Points to you!


This is one of my fav offers, so they can always count me in. The F2P folks in my alliance are always happy when this appears. And now there’s a stock of 2! When 20 alliance members including yourself are buying, 9 USD can grant you 1800 gems - it’s pretty good. And in that case 1200 to F2P folks which is probably a year worth of farming for them.


As an FTP, yes, the gems are useful for me, but I am not “happy” when it appears - it is a very manipulative offer. I think that the FTP players in your alliance still feel guilty because of that offer, they are not simply happy.

Wow! Don’t give ideas to SG - if we were getting 1200 gems per year, that would have been an absolute nightmare. It’s more like ≈170 gems per week, so around 8800 gems per year.


We tell our F2P they don’t have to get us anything. Those of us who buy it don’t expect anything in return. No one should feel any guilt.

It’s a gift. I don’t gift things to people in exchange for a gift back. I know there are those who view gift giving as a social contract of sorts but that’s only because honest conversation isn’t happening.

Just my 2p


If a f2p works for that 130 days of free ViP, the minimum that player will get is 4600 gems. Why I say “the minimum” - because there are tricks with the free ViP to get a bit more.

Money money money ! I guess we will keep see this type of things from now on.
In the last week i have seen a lot more deals then usually from Zynga.
Are the wales stop playing? Or is it becouse of the holiday season? :laughing: