💎 New Offer – Share the Gems! What do you think of this? / UPDATED for return in July 2020 and June 2021

I. loved. this. :blush:

I’m on a limited budget and i’m sure i’m not the only one. $2.99 = 300 gems + 30 x 29 = 1170 gems. Normally that would cost me over $10.

For those who don’t want to purchase it, Don’t! no guilt involved. It’s a nice thing for those who want it. :slight_smile:


I loved this idea! Then again, I’m in a great alliance where everyone helps everyone else, whereas not everyone is so lucky. If you’ve got a fulll one, it means that for $3 (or equiv), you have the potential to gain a total of 1200 gems, which is a great deal, AND you get to show your love.
Of course not everyone is expected to make the purchase, but it’s nice having the option of benefiting both yourself and your teammates.

How about $1 mystery gifts of 3*/hard to get, unfarmable ascension items? Telescopes, sturdy shields, darts, tabards, compasses, orbs, trap tools, etc?
That would potentially help a great deal, especially for those who, like myself, have been waiting 2 months for certain items.

Also, not knowing what’s in your mystery boxes would give a nice little “ooh, what’s in the box?!?” excitement as well. :grin:

That would be straight consequent, but quite stupid. :rofl:

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I love it. Probably my favorite offer so far. As everyone is saying, the only downside is people might feel obligated to buy it. My alliance leader immediately put out a message sayinf that there is absolutely no obligation to buy it. The only thing i dont like is if an Alliance made it an obligation. I think that would take all the fun away. Although if your alliance asks that of you, maybe it is time to look for a new one.

Im not 100% sure but i think right about half of my alliance member bought it. It waa really nice getting a bonus 5-600 gems or so. I bought it too because i thought it was a good deal. And i like the idea of giving back to my alliance members for helping me out with info and advice. It was also cool because we have been working more as a team in wars lately and we have won the past few so it was also a nice way of saying well done.

I hope there are more similar offers to come. It seems my alliance as a whole (including the ones who bought and the ones who didn’t) was very pleased with the offer.


Sorry, I’m not up on all of the abbreviations… I know p2p, f2p but what are c2p and p2w? Thanks

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c2p = Cheap to Play (people who spend some money, but not a lot)

p2w = Pay to Win (the concept of spending money in order to win); this is sometimes considered a derogatory version of p2p (Pay to Play), though some people use them interchangeably

Also useful: The E&P Jargon-Pulverising Fictionary (glossary, definitions, dictionary)


@zephyr1, thanks…I was looking for something like that, lol

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I enjoy the ability to gift gems to my alliance. We all work hard as a team. I believe the offer should ask if the sender wants to be named or be anonymous. That way it doesn’t pressure those who aren’t going to purchase it. As for frequency, I like the rarity of it. If it was monthly, or even quarterly, I would tire of it, and no longer spend.


In my ally, I’m the leader, and I purchased the offer as a gratitude for all I explained that they dond need to do the same, cause it was my offer to them. Hope that was more to give. It could be 50 or 100 to them.


Has anyone else in an open alliance had ppl join, ask how to get ‘the gems’ and when none magically appear swiftly leave?

If this offer becomes regular I would suggest only members who are part of the alliance when the offer is released receive the bonus gems. I understand this would be a nightmare for the developers and the easy way around it is to make our alliance closed (invite only) when such offer appears.

Your thoughts?


I think its great. But Im sure there is pressure on those who aren’t willing to shell out a few bucks.

Yes and Google says it’s the apps responsibility, noone wants to be the one to refund anything.

I dont agree with making it anonymous. I have played with many of my mates for over a year and I am happy for small chances to benefit anyone in my alliance. we had a recent run of a few alliance hoppers and it really made us appreciate what we have collectively. Specials of this sort allow me to thank al the people in my group who have made my roster possible, and when I help out from in house events to specials like this they get to see who cares regardless of if they spend back.


Yes it is. If someone wants to play, there are lots of ways that don’t include the one way you list. Which was my point, as should have been obvious.

To answer your other question I suspect the most common way the game is played in over a wi-fi connected device. That is my second favorite way to play, and most people I talk to that is what they are doing. But more are switching over to bluestack, as I talk it up. It really is much better for most aspects of game, especially if you have more than one account.

Yes, of course.

Sometimes they show up for a few seconds, then they disappear again.

This is definitely a bug. I hope it gets fixed, else I’ll abandon the game.

I loved it! So did my alliance!! It was nice to be able to share something. Wish we could do that with food iron and trade heros lol

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@Arwishma You should definitely contact Support then. Unfortunately, no one on the Forum can help with account issues.

Here are instructions:

@zephyr1 I really like this offer, but the offer should not give gems to players that have joined an alliance after the offer has started. Since I noticed alot of players jumping in an out of several alliances just to get the most gems possible. I really didnt lile that part of it.


Seems like a reasonable suggestion, someone could start a thread in #ideas-feature-requests for that.


How does one even time jumping in and out of an alliance to get gems? Just hoping for random luck?

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