💎 New Offer – Share the Gems! What do you think of this? / UPDATED for return in July 2020 and June 2021

New Offer – Share the Gems!

Much like the Valentine’s Day “Share the Love!” Offer, there’s a new offer allowing you to purchase gems for yourself, and for all of your fellow alliance mates.

UPDATE (again): this offer has been brought back once more in July 2020. No changes to the offer since last appearance.

UPDATE: the December 2019 instance is the third time an offer of this sort has ever been offered, and the second time for this particular offer. Share the Gems was last seen in July 2019.

Reducing Social Pressure

@princess1 wrote a message you can copy/paste into alliance chat to thank purchasers without pressuring those who prefer not to spend money:

Screenshots & Mechanics

Main Offer Popup

Offer Popup Tooltips



Alliance Chat Notification Message

When an alliance member purchases the offer, this message shows in the alliance chat (I’ve blacked out the player’s name):


When you visit your Inbox, you’ll have a message with gems for each alliance mate who’s purchased the offer:

IMPORTANT: Be sure to collect your gems promptly, as the Inbox messages expire after 30 days.

Share your thoughts!


As a 100% f2p player, I did feel a little bit guilty about getting free gems although I’m sure my alliance don’t see it like this.

I really hope that each alliance enjoy sharing in the best spirit of cooperation and no-one feels obliged to participate if they don’t want to.

Sharing resources is one of the most common requests. Is this a step in that direction or just clever marketing?

I will watch with interest.


Finally they did it again. I love this offer so much.
A great way to cheer you friend in the alliance.


I like this offer. Price per gem is really good if about 15-20 people buy it, and f2p members get some extra gems they would be gathering for weeks otherwise.


Google translation added by @zephyr1

I like the idea when it works. I did it, so there should be 300 gems with me and 30 gems with my members. It is written from my account, but unfortunately nothing with me and nothing with the members.

Original (Dutch)

Ik vind het een mooi idee als het werkt. Heb het gedaan, dus zou er eigenlijk bij mij 300 gems en bij mijn leden 30 gems moeten kom. Het is wel van mijn rekening geschreven, maar helaas niks bij mij en ook niks bijde leden.

Hi @Thijs,
You’re saying you purchased the offer but didn’t received gems - is that correct?
If yes, then you could restart your phone and check your game again. Purchases are usually delivered instantly, but sometimes it takes a while.

Please also see this help page:


I don’t spend money on mobile games normally. I did buy VIP twice, and I did this last time it came up. Amazingly, I have a Google Play credit which will make it extra cheap, so it’s a win-win.


I promised Mr Peri that I would only continue to play this game as F2P this year, and when I bought the Valentine’s offer back in Feb he was a bit cranky with me for breaking my promise so I’m not doing it today on my wedding anniversary.(Lol @ your timing, SG)

I did not spend that much last year, but we did talk about our online spending habits and how “easy” it was to lose track when dealing with microtransactions and steam sales etc. And we agreed that we would both cease with that, specifically for any loot boxes or the like.

So it’s a nice deal, for sure, for people that are spending, but I feel uncomfortable since other people may not understand why I don’t participate.


Love this offer. Makes me feel like a big, good, old charity guy!


By the way, regarding this offer, there’s currently a known issue with the in-app notification missing description (in case you were wondering).


Best offer ever for an alliance as a whole :wink:


Really cool, but i always feel like that is a bit of a pressure coming from your teammates.

Like, “are you gonna not buy it?”


I don’t quite understand what’s the issue exactly @Petri


I have been blessed to have some really good alliance mates and anything I can do to help them I will.


BEST OFFER EVER !!! 10x Е&P !!


The in-app notifications outside of the game (if you have them enabled). However, this issue should be fixed now and we’ll update the announcement!


I was also wondering if there had been any idea of making an opt out function, for people that are uncomfortable with it so we don’t have to feel like leeching. And yes, I realise that not everyone is going to feel that way. And yep, I could just not open the mails.

I know a couple of people in my former alliance also felt like they had to justify not participating for various reasons and it was a bit sad.


I really like these offers. If I don’t have the money to buy them, I feel a little guilty, of course, but I think my alliance understands. This time, I was resigned to buy a couple of Atlantis offers anyway, and this may obviate that “need”. (Have 5 heroes almost maxed and need new “projects”…)


I like this offer a lot. I hope to see more like it.


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