New offer in the shop! Hunter's Special

Wait until they recycle the iron throne to make harpoons once the valarian fine steel runs out…


Today’s deal… Straight from 1* item to 5* item… @Gryphonknight you were right. :slight_smile:


Hello everyone
I’m wondering if those items are usable on lower level titans or even in game, or do you need to be at Sh 20/21 before being able to use them.
I can see new spenders buying and using those items very early in the game.
Just wondering.
Have fun.


If it is available in the shop for everyone to buy, I assume anyone can use the items without any restrictions on the stronghold. But we would need some confirmations from lower SH level players.


Plus, if you get a dragon attack in loot, you can use it even if you haven’t researched dragon attack.

Essentially these are all offers that won’t be terribly interesting to me, as I need the few gems I have for summons (and once or twice expanding my hero cap). If you have a backlog on gems and/or enough money, these could be interesting, though.

  1. Anyone can use any item
  2. Any item, including the new titan-parts items like Time Freeze, can be used any time items are an option. Time Freeze could be very handy finishing the last level of a Class Quest or Challenge Event.

The time freeze is a 5* item, so it can’t be brought to challenge events… Can it? Unless Legendary restrictions changed I thought it was only up to 4* battle items

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I guess bringing 5* items to challenge events would be a shift into even more p2w direction

Yup, same here. As an FTP I can never afford to buy these offers ever. I also soend my gems on things like hero cap increase and sometimes troop pulls. I rely on my TC20, EHT and AC for my hero supply.

But it is interesting that they have started offering 5* items. I think top alliances with lot of spending members might be interested in these. I guess these items are very good for higher level titans. :slight_smile:

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yeah that’s what I thought too. I think @Kerridoc just made a boo-boo with mentioning challenge events, only 4* items or less can be used in Legendary and the Time Freezes are 5* items.

So aside titans, just class quests and rare quests they’ll be very helpful in.


When they created that limitation no 5* battle items existed so “items 4* or less” actually meant “all items”. Now we have them so we’ll whether the limitation stays as is or is changed.
My guess is no 5* items in challenge events but time will tell.

I think it remains to be seen, but @DaveCozy is correct that the current Challenge Event rules do clearly say 4* items capped – which would imply that 5* items are off limits. We’ll see.

@Rook reminds me that in beta the 5* items were originally titan-only; staff expanded the use in a later rev. This sequence suggests that staff is thinking about when exactly 5* items can be used and that coding exists already to limit when they can be added to the battle item inventory.


I would go one step further and say no paying or ANY player should ever fall for this particular offer below because it is a waste of time!!!

100 arrows, really?!


I wonder how long before this thread will be merged with the “worst mistake I’ve made in the game” thread :wink:


no sign of mana pots offer that i have seen yet? Co-incidence. ???

@EMTBear I’m desperate for mana pots too.

@FrenziedEye The only offer I bought were the arrows but that’s so I can save the crude iron for nados. I don’t mind if it means I can make more nados.

Idk why they offer the red pots lol.

Yea, coincidence my @$$.

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Still haven’t seen the mana pots offer yet.
It’s the only item that hasn’t made the rotation. Is that RNG too Devs? LOL

They had 50 mana pots for 500 gems yesterday.

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Yeah, first time that mana has showed up. Still waiting for the minor mana pots.

The minor mana are probably the only thing selling for normal price, which is why we haven’t seen it.

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ahh well there you go, i missed that. took them long enough. why not 100? :slight_smile:

I also meant the minor pots for 100 offer, like they did with HP minor pots, like @LucasDaoc said.