New Offer - choose your ascension material

You have to choose one of the ascension materials first in order to purchase the offer


Personally I think it’s worse value for money than if you waited for the semi-regular offers that come around.


Done and done. I never take advantage of polls.

For reference, this has got the same gems, same number of 4* ascention items and a lot of peripherals for the same price:


Got it, thanks! Also I’ve always wondered with your username… did you used to play a game called Pirate Kings??

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However much I would like to think my complaining at they’re Black Friday offerings might have had a bearing on this sort of deal (Black Friday Mega Sale — Discussion) truth is some change to Alchemy Lab would have been better off…

But as that seems unlikely at this stage suppose this is as good as we get to some sort of AL replacement offer service… Question is how often will this particular bus keep rolling around…


Yeah the army pack does come with a lot more but all I personally care about are the gems and the 4* mat. Seems like this deal is geared more towards players who no longer value 3* am. If given the choice I’d take the option to choose my 4* mat over all other items in the army pack.


No problem. And about my username, I am a big fan of the Japanese manga One Piece, where the main goal of the protagonist (my avatar) is to become the pirate king. :slight_smile:


Certainly the Army Packs are the best regular 4* AM deal going around if you’re happy with any 4* AM. They roll around once a month changing between 1st, 2nd and 3rd Saturday and if it is within someone’s budget I would advise getting those over gems in store as at least you are buying a guaranteed material with whatever you get with gems can be considered a bonus…

They only downside is those deals only ever feature the colour specific 4* AMs for which this choose your Mat Deal has one advantage, if your DBlade to Tome ratio is skewed horribly here’s a rare chance to make it a little less horrible…


This is great idea and I hope this will return at some point. But I think the price tag on this is too high compares to other offers. I am desperate for that last scope to finally ascend Frida after a year, but not desperate enough to break this time. We had 10$ for 4* + 1000 gems, and that would make me fall for. Scope will come eventually.


Just a thought a variation on this choose an AM deal combined with the Valentine’s send gems to alliance members could potentially appear in accounts on the account holder’s birthday (if they choose to share that info) as a special birthday deal/gift or whatever… I know most would prefer to choose a hero on their birthday but I reckon a heavily discounted 4* AM and gems for all alliance wouldn’t be too shabby…


I’d need a scope, but I won’t buy it. Maybe it’ll come around with a mystic vision :smiley:
Too expensive for “I want to cut spending” :stuck_out_tongue:


I chose tonic. Now I need 2 shields to advance Liana. I have her costume.

30$ versus 32.99E
I am envious ^^

$30 for one mat out of 6 and some gems that will net you 10 3* heroes. Wow, the REAL game makers must just shake their head at the ridiculousness of this. Mobile games are CRAZY! People are buying this?? Sheesh.

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How good would it be for wanted mission chests, etc, to include this “choose your item” reward… even if it was a chance… sometimes you’d get an RNGesus-chosen item, other times you’d get to choose.

Or take RNG out of it altogether! But no, that is asking a bit much hehe. Something like a 10% chance to get this kind of “wildcard” ascension mat anytime you roll for a 3* or 4* unfarmable ascension mat.

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Yohohoho yohohoho, me too, always happy it’s Friday, cause of work done and new chapter :slightly_smiling_face: Anyone know what that cake next to my name stands for, its new since today?? Got it, one year in forum :joy:


It’s your forum birthday/ anniversary so…

happy cake day @vanZille


Bought it for 6th tonic for king2 and storing gems till grimforest (puss). we run red tanks :fox_face: raid d - war d future - war d near future. Will split emblems (maybe) for double reviving power on both Kings. :thinking:


Really smart deal and move, if I was a payer I’d be on it instantly


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