New motivations for active players

The active players of long time in the end, by monotony in the game, get bored and end up abandoning the game. Most players enter the game only to help in the alliance and for the good vibes that exist in some alliances. I have read in some Tips, good ideas
In my alliance, with my crazy ideas, :rofl: :rofl: we do internal tournaments that motivate and improve respect in the alliance.
Is the idea of tournaments between alliances still pending? The wars between alliances, would help motivate players to improve day by day. The challenges that are made once a month, between players. What do you think a challenge between alliances, classified by level? thx :relaxed:

Heya heidi,

It most definitely still is on their list as upcoming features. They made a post about it here:

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Heidi, Would you be willing to share some of the tournament ideas you use in your alliance to motivate teammates?

We do this for a bit of fun! Once titan is defeated or escapes! You got to guess the correct colour! Of the next one If you lose, you have to change your avatar to who ever choosed correctly and Is first to reply in the chat!
You keep the avatar until the next titan is defeated

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