New Mode: Recreational

I’m sure this has been suggested before, or something similar, but something I’d really like to see is some sort of a recreational mode in the game. The idea would be to have the ability to play boards without using energy, but with no rewards.

  • No loot

  • No experience points

  • No level advancement (i.e. you wouldn’t unlock the next zone or anything)

  • You would still be able to use, however.

The idea here is that it would let players who have used all their world/raid/alliance energy to still have reasons to log in and play while waiting for a refill. By being able to use items still, and offering no advancement, we would still need to play “normal” as well as we’d need to play the normal game to continue advancing our characters. It would also be a good way to be able to trial out new team comps and see what works the best for your and what you enjoy the most.

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