New mode from Legi4no

Hello everyone, and I’m a big fan of empires & puzzles. I had one very good idea. What if we introduce a new mode into the game. It will be very similar to the mafia game, or you can come up with another scenario.

Here is my. Players gathered in the village and one or more of them turn out to be werewolves. The game randomly selects one or more and assigns a role.

The game is divided into phases. Let’s conditionally call them day and night.

During the day, players consult and decide in a separate chat who the werewolf is, then they kill the suspect. You can strengthen the defense of each player so that only ten of them can be killed, like a titan. But after the murder, the strength increases. For example, if there are three people left, then two can kill a werewolf. It may also happen that the stone will not go in. But this may not go to the werewolf, or if the person is offline, he misses the time of his action.

The second phase is the night, at night the werewolf or werewolves kill one of the players, but incognito, no one knows who the killer is. We need to make sure that only the majority can kill. For example, if there are 5 werewolves, then at least 3 can kill one inhabitant at night.

Then these two phases alternate until they kill the werewolves or the werewolves kill everyone. Accordingly, the further the player goes, the more valuable the reward he receives.

You can first add roles such as:

The exorcist can check once a night if the player is a werewolf or not.

Healer can heal any player at night. But he does not know who the werewolf will kill, he heals blindly after being hit by the werewolf.

The silversmith gives a silver cross - immunity for the night to any player. Also gives blindly, but before the werewolf attack.

The possessed kills any player at night after the werewolf. Make him so powerful at night that he could kill anyone, even a werewolf. If the werewolf is killed, the entire team wins.

There are other additions, but it will be more difficult to perceive. They can be introduced later, when everyone is comfortable with the basic rules. Or you may not enter it at all so that the players do not get confused.

The Possessed will play for himself and will only win if he kills everyone.

Make an inquisitor instead of an exorcist . This is the same role, but if he finds a werewolf, he immediately kills.

Cured by a doctor , he spends the next day in bed and cannot beat a werewolf, only communicates in a chat.

A sleepwalker or somnambulist does not sleep at night and can follow one of the players, thereby finding out his role.

Judge in the afternoon can save a condemned to death.

Damned, this is a simple player, but if he is killed, he returns once from the other world as a ghost and takes one player with him.

There are also updates, but these rules can be introduced in the next phase, or you can leave them alone so as not to get confused.

Introduce the vampire clan, this is a separate group of players. Their task is to kill werewolves and common people. If there are 30 players in total, then make 10 vampires. If a werewolf is killed, and there are more vampires than people, then they won. The vampire clan also kills one player at night, after consulting in a separate chat.

Among them, also introduce roles:

A half-blood vampire , when checking an exorcist / inquisitor, is defined as a common person.

Cursed vampire , when the inquisitor finds him, both die.

A vampire bat , at night covers one person with wings and dies in his place. The werewolf does not see who is covered with wings.

There are four additional roles that can be introduced in any phase.

Immortal , he can only be killed during the day, if he is killed at night, he does not die.

The werewolf’s minion like the inquisitor , can learn the role of any player at night, but plays on the werewolf’s side. He wins only if the werewolf wins and he himself remains alive. The werewolf knows who his servant is.

Marked by the wolf , this is an ordinary person, but when a werewolf is killed, he becomes a werewolf.

The werewolf leader can find out once a night if the player is an exorcist / inquisitor or not.

Nobody knows who is playing what role. You can only say about it in the chat, but not the fact that they will believe you. It more interesting, because you can lie and convince people that you are right. This event can be done as a war at will. Who wants to participate - puts a daw. But all players must speak the same language. This is where chatting is very important. You can also think about transformations at night. To make the cards look at night according to the role. You can tie this event thematically to Morlovia.

This is what I wanted to suggest. I have many more interesting suggestions for the game. English is not my native language, so something may not be very clear or misspelled, please check.

I hope the developers see this post and appreciate my efforts.

Wheres the pay off for the company?
Also this complicated avril lavigne would appreciate.

I fail to see how this ties in with a 3-match puzzle game. Might as well be talking about an E&P FPS Battle Royale.

Is the interest of the players not beneficial for the company?
And you don’t have to do such a difficult regime.Everything can be done very simply. This is my fantasy played out. I decided to share my thoughts.

Honestly if it ain’t gonna draw cash then why would they do it. Sad but true.
There also alot people say there theres to much going on in the game that they can’t keep up with, flip side there ain’t enough! There such a mixed bag of people that play this game.
Alliances may have issues too as people not hitting titans or leaving war flags, add not following a wolf around it can be too much for people.

You know, there are plenty of online Werewolf games out there already. It’s a fantastic game, agreed, but I’m not sure there’s a whole lot of crossover w EandP.