New meta incoming? (Frigg, Black Knight, Odin)

Hi everyone!

I tend to think that the arrival of Odin could be a big change in the game. I could see a new meta replacing the gtv: frigg, Black Knight, odin. Seems very powerful to me: you have a defense debuffer, a mana generation buffer, and maybe the best protector in the game. That team could be a big trouble for attackers as you have to deal with the tiles of the colour you bring in your team, as much as with the yellow and green tiles you need to make disappear before odin and/or frigg attack. What do you think about this?


I’ll be ready and looking forward to it! Frigg will be leveled after Shrikewood, unfortunately however Odin will be a 2021 project as I only have three darts currently.

And I can kick myself for not buying the yellow army pack when I had the chance earlier this month. Hopefully there’s at least one decent priced dart offer in the Xmas deals.


That’s a tough squad although I think we will see less of them because Black Knight and Odin (for now) are far scarcer than the GTV heroes. Ariel could replace Odin as a mana buff hero (and more consistent but at a slower speed) to make it a bit more attainable. Interesting.

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The times I had to fight against a Frigg tank was so painful. She hits really hard. Then two heroes with the same ability… Ouch!!!:dizzy_face:

However, I’m not scared. I love challenges. The more difficult, the more exciting is for me.:grin:

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I’ve seen a lot if red tank/double green flank lately, particularly Frigg/BK/C. Kadelin or Francine.

Actually, the mana buff is just a part of the thing with odin, as the defense debuff with frigg: the important thing is the difficulty it involves dealing with the puzzle. Frigg is strong, odin is strong, but both at the same time with a big tank as BK is such a headache!

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Possibly. I just beat that lines up
Odin, frigg, BK, C kaliden , jabber

With a 3/2 blue -purple stack with a ok/ decent start board. It can be tough but its not crazy

Yes, and i’m not a big fan of that. I don’t like double colours in a defense. It’s not a big problem to attack red tank with 2 green flanks with red heroes


You’re lucky to have them heathenhammer! I had odin but no frigg and no bk. Will try bk one last time in next avalon event, and if i don’t, will use mitsuko as a red tank. I had francine in morlovia, she will replace frigg as a green flank. Also, i think she pairs well with mitsuko.

One more thing, i think Alasie or Alice would be great in that meta on the wing, and seshat, sartana, jabber or any purple hit hard heroes. Alasie pairs well with odin, debuffing the opponent mana generation, and Alice with frigg debuffing the attack.

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I have both Frigg and Black Knight at 4/80+20.

After leveling Mica, Odin will be next for upgrading. I’ll have no qualms with stripping Telluria of emblems.

The lineup likely won’t be a consistent thing for me since I will be loading my defense with three Ninja Heroes but, I’m more than willing to test this next possible “Holy Trinity”.

I agree… it’s always a challenge to try and not throw your phone at the wall.
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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The same. I can’t bit her with my roster if I don’t get decent to good board. If I have to make 3 “empty” moves to get first matches, it’s all over very fast. My favourite situation is when I attack with greens and still have 6-7 green tiles scattered all over the board - but not usable. :man_facepalming:t2::joy:


Go green stack against Frigg
Been very successful for me either there are green tiles that kill her power up fast green or there aren’t and her hit isn’t that big a deal


That wooden log knight never bothered me before those 2 madness so green-yellow on them :joy:

Good riddance GTV. Hello to the new unstoppable: FBKO.

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