New line-up to improve use for closeby healers

There is an overall discussion about all the 3 healers in game. They lack interest, cause they have limited range in heals. To improve the interest, i would suggest a new line-up. A circle, with the healer in the middle. This way, all other heroes are closeby and benefits the heals and other benefits from the spell.
On the other side, it’s also a disadvantage cause attacking heroes who attacks 1 and the closeby enemies now attacks all enemies ( if the middle hero is targeted). So, i think a new line-up can make the game challenger. The interest for 3-healers will grow, and the adaptation of your attacking team will depend more on the other line up you are facing.

While new raid formations would be great, I doubt they would allow caster/target+nearby SS to affect all. It used to work like that already when they introduced the M and W raid formations for the middle hero but they deemed it too detrimental for the game balance so that’s why I doubt they would introduce that mechanism again if they implemented new raid formations.


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