New languages in Chat Rooms

Lot players want if there are some new languages chat room coming out with one of the next updates. We need forexample hungarian and Romanian chat room. Like we see forexample English, Deutch, portugal, spanish, turkey and japanese.
The global chat is very unusable for those languages players which have no chat rooms. Please add hungarian, ukraine, and romanian chat rooms.

I support it :slight_smile:

When it’s Gonna happen? It’s that hard to
ADd some chat rooms?

Hello. it is difficult for them to create it. We buy the room if needed. I am a Romanian player and I want to recruit and talk to my Romanian colleagues, I want a room like most countries have … it is a discrimination against countries that do not have a room of their own. Shame on you E&P.

There would be a great need for a Hungarian chat room. Now everybody writing to General/International room - it looks like a huge mess.
Please make a Hun chat room.


20 showing support.

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