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Introducing :
Knowledge Seekers’ Coaching

Empires and Puzzles is a complicated multi layered game that can be overwhelming to new players:

  • Where should you start in building your empire?
  • What heroes should you be leveling 1st?
  • Who should you have in your defense team?
  • What about your offensive team?
  • And Titans?!!

At East of the Equator we’ve all been through this & know how much having somewhere to go for a bit of advice specific to our own situation can go a long way! Fortunately for us, in a wonderful alliance like ours, we have each other to provide us with such advice and coaching. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a great alliance behind them, heck, many aren’t even in one yet!

We were happy to share our info-n-tips channels with the E&P community. Now we are proud to offer coaching too!

If you have discord already, just hit the link above, if you do not have it, just download it. Then hit the link above

To speed up your access to our Discord server, please let us know a few things right away:

Introduce yourselfTell us why you’ve joined our server (if you’re reading this it’s probably because you are looking to join our Knowledge Seekers group, searching for E&P game play information, tips and coaching)Confirm you are over the age of 18

Then hang on - an East of the Equator Leadership team member will be by as soon as possible to give you access to that which you seek!

Garnet Velvet
East of the Equator
Team Leader

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