New June 2019 HOTM Hero Ranvir- yellow 5* Wu Kong?

Wu +18 on defense/health path is 737/728/1136
Ranvir at 4/80 is 768/782/1136 (or there about)

So is he better, yes, but not much before emblems.

Well don’t use Ranvir for 12 star titans then… be like going to a party bringing pop.

If they keep 39% inaccuracy it will have slightly less buff than wu i suppose. Wu has %185 increase with 32% miss that is = 1.85*(1-0.32) = 1.258 or roughly %126 buff on avg. Ranvir has 205% buff with 39% miss = 2.05*(1-0.39) = 1.2505 ~= 125% buff on avg. However he is faster than wu plus hits some :slight_smile: and avg buff rate still higher than tarlak or miki

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You’re a bigger person than me. Puritans still walk among us… many ppl can’t find the humor in humorous even tho it’s spelled out…

48 pulls to try ranvir and he didn’t came. Bahhh what a waste

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he looks good i would like to have him

Did more 2 pulls


@Garanwyn @zephyr1 @Rook


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U should wait for atlantis

I got him of 2 tokens his animation is short and sweet doesn’t even take up the screen

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I’m now focusing on raid and not Titan, for those beta testers, how do you find him in raid? I’m not sure how his 50% haddicap affect his usefulness I’m not raid.

In past discussion, preference has been expressed by Forum users for leaving open both the pre-release and post-release threads, despite the fact that there end up being two conversations in parallel.

But I highly encourage people to use the post-release thread for all discussion now:

Ranvir – New June 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion


Dang! Took a chance and got Ranvir first day on 5 pulls. He’s going to be nasty on titans. Let’s see if I can level him up before end of June!

Show the special of him. I think mine is broken. Mine got - 41%

His special has to be 8/8 in order to have the -35% accuracy. Yours is 6/8 thats why.

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OK. Didn’t notice that. Cause Wu kong is - 32% all the way to 8-8

I got him


I got Ranvir from a “Bonus Summon”. Fairly new to the game, and have never seen that before (and it was off an Epic token I got as a reward). Initial pull was yet another Gunnar or Graymane, and then suddenly “Bonus Summon” poof Ravnir!


Same happened to me yesterday, pulled a 3* hero and got Ravnir as a bonus. The first time I’ve ever seen a bonus pull!


Sorry if this has been asked before, but do wu and ranvir stack? What happens if they are used together? Also, which do you think is better, a 4/80 ranvir or a wu emblemed 15 times?

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