New June 2019 HOTM Hero Ranvir- yellow 5* Wu Kong?

Ooh thank goodness. I would not want to see that attack team combo getting lucky during wars… after all the accuracy debuff would turn me off but who’s to say you won’t get lucky and one shot all enemies lol.

Basically, I’m glad they don’t stack.

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Me too. It would have been pretty ridiculous.

I have removed my post out of respect for the moderators, they don’t need anymore drama.

If you ever saw the leaked Ranvir card, you would know that he is indeed a Hindu Centaur, so my comment was quite literal.

I was one of the first to say I love the card art, it’s refreshing and unexpected in a very positive way.

As for riding, yes, he is a Centaur my dear. Being a Sagittarius, it’s been a part of my imagination riding on a Centaur’s back since I was a little girl. There’s no malice in that.

The malice is the byproduct of adult’s points of view in many cases.


Yes it is. And a Centaur, look to is legs…

Any final thoughts on Ranvir before he goes live tomorrow?

Don’t have Margaret in spite of a hefty number of summons…worth spending something to try for Margaret or focus entirely on Ranvir?

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I am not a beta tester, but I don’t think he will be really useful, atleast not more than Wu Kong. The limitation that the enemy needs more life than your own heros is not a good idea an makes him the most of the time useless against Titans.

I thought titan has more life than your heroes until the very end…

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Oh then it is a misunderstanding. I thought it is a comparison in percentage and not clear Numbers. Well then my last sentence is false.

Sounds like it was not really necessary to have that exception. Most of the time working, so it is ok. With raids maybe some thinking, but gamblers stance is not really good in raids.

Titans have more than 1500 health the vast majority of the time - so would figure him to be useful against titans most of the time - unless you already have wu or tarlak- not sure he is good enough to replace them

Put it this way, is the main problem with wu that the attack boost isn’t high enough or that the miss chance makes him a liability? Because ranvir makes one of these better in return for making the other worse.

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Beta is constantly shifting, so take this with a grain of salt, but…

…I was way more excited about Ranvir until I read about August’s HotM, who is essentially a slower, stronger blue Tarlak who also silences–but doesn’t heal (two mana potions should take care of that whole slow problem on titans :stuck_out_tongue:).

My problem with Ranvir is that he’s even less accurate than Wu. I’ve already replaced Wu on most of my titan teams, simply because the counter attacks from missed tiles while his ability is active are so freaking nasty. Yes, I miss out on some big hits, but on a whole I feel I have less garbage runs.

Inviting this clumsy but powerful centaur to your team is asking to receive a beating from higher level titans. I think he will destroy against smaller titans though, where they can’t deal enough damage to wreck your teams.

If he comes to me, I’ll still be excited. But I’ve down graded him from “Must get” to “Cool if it happens.”

The next two HotM, though…


To me, it’s the missed stuns. They can be absolutely devastating against 11-12* titans–which doesn’t even mention the lost damage.


The missed stuns hurt me against even 7* titans… and Ranvir will miss even more. I wish I had Tarlak… Tempted to go for him next time he is featured, but the chances are low. The August HoTM will be tough for me since I still have Alasie and Ariel to max, but no green 5* I like.

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I wish I had Tarlak as well. This coming months one will be cool to get but not like OMG!!!
I am saving up EHTs for Sand event so might land Ranvir then, who knows.

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I’m doing the same thing, but only have 5 EHT’s right now, so not too hopeful :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm, thank you all for the thoughtful replies. I think Margaret would probably be better for my play style and I already have Wu maxed BUT I don’t want to do any summoning just to try and get the HotM since there is nothing on at the moment that would really help or entice me.

Margaret, good luck in other people’s teams.

May wait until July if the summer event covers both June and July as seems likely.

Currently holding off until July myself, summer or wonderland and Seshat chances will be nice.

(to be fair to Ranvir, I have Tarlak maxed which makes him less desirable for me personally)

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Seshat looks enticing, Sand Heroes have 50 EHT saved and Wonderland is also a tempting event although I was lucky first time so if Seshat joins during Sand then Wonderland will have less attention lavished on it…the leveling line is already waaay too long.

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Anyone with beta experience using Ranvir care to chime in? I’m in need of a holy 5* and he looks really nice stat wise, just curious of the opinions of folks who have used him are.

I think for those that have Wu, Ranvir will still be valuable. The big knock on Wu is that he’s so squishy. Ranvir will be able to stay alive longer plus he actually hits a target instead of just firing gamblers stance. I have darts waiting and will happily use them on Ranvir if I land him.

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