New June 2019 HOTM Hero Ranvir- yellow 5* Wu Kong?


Ooh thank goodness. I would not want to see that attack team combo getting lucky during wars… after all the accuracy debuff would turn me off but who’s to say you won’t get lucky and one shot all enemies lol.

Basically, I’m glad they don’t stack.

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Me too. It would have been pretty ridiculous.


I have removed my post out of respect for the moderators, they don’t need anymore drama.

If you ever saw the leaked Ranvir card, you would know that he is indeed a Hindu Centaur, so my comment was quite literal.

I was one of the first to say I love the card art, it’s refreshing and unexpected in a very positive way.

As for riding, yes, he is a Centaur my dear. Being a Sagittarius, it’s been a part of my imagination riding on a Centaur’s back since I was a little girl. There’s no malice in that.

The malice is the byproduct of adult’s points of view in many cases.


Yes it is. And a Centaur, look to is legs…