New June 2019 HOTM Hero Ranvir- yellow 5* Wu Kong?

Was Gregorion the HOTM for August? I don’t think so…

Greg was July.

Drake was August.

Beta content is not supposed to be shared outside. One question: for the next HOTM Ranvir it says “All allies get +195% attack and -35% accuracy that only applies when enemy has more health than the attacker.

This is correct.

We have atlantis at November 22nd, 2019 instead of November 29th, 2019.

We have atlantis at January 24th, 2019 instead of January 31th, 2019.

The only way to have an atlantis cycle span 2 months is if the last Thursday fall at the end of the month (February 28th, 2019).

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Thanks for clarifying.

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So it’s been even longer than I thought.

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Is it just me or is Ranvir a perfect match to Evelyns’s mom, Margaret?

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How do you know what he looks like? :slight_smile:

Russian spies.



Haha… Okay. I may to try to find it mysleft then. :slight_smile:

Judging by the name itself, the June 2019 hero might look closer like the heroes from Sand Empire…jk.
Ranvir’s special alone is worth waiting for. And the chances of pulling a hotM is still higher than pulling a Tarlak from Atlantis.

Both don’t apply…

Ah I see, so he will pretty much be a hero for Titans it looks like, considering the Titan will always have more health than your team. Good stuff, hope I pull him.

Ah had any change Ranvir in beta? Or is it still like this initially?

Not great to see two mentions of racial stereotypes and a sexually explicit comment on a very short thread. I’m the last person to flag speech in real life, but don’t forget that you’re playing a video game with little kids.

I’m already having a tough time deciding if I should ascend Inari or shoot for Ranvir in June. Both look like they’ll be amazing for Titans if they keep Ranvir’s design similar to beta. Still, that fox is so useful that I’m dying to use her at full power. Guess I’ll have to hold my darts a few weeks!

Does Ranvir’s special stack with Wu Kong’s? Assuming the enemy HP condition satisfied, and if Ranvir’s attack boost and accuracy debuff are unchanged:

Gambler Stance + Mystic’s Virtue =
+380% attack, -68% accuracy

which sounds really really dumb in both good and bad ways lol. IMO I really hope they don’t stack, and that they overwrite each other.

It would make sense to me if they overwrite each other considering how similar the special skill buff is.

Does Ranvir’s special stack with Tarlak’s?
Can you imagine stacked Ranvir’s, Tarlak’s and BT’s specials with Gregorion’s boosted critical chance? Now that would be a combo…

Won’t work well. 160% attack cap forced by Tarlak’s special placing a limitation on the stacked attack boost allowed.


Which means Wu Kong and Tarlak are actually a really bad combo because you get +160% attack and -32% accuracy, as opposed to +185% attack and -32% accuracy with Wu Kong alone.

So I’m assuming that Ranvir wouldn’t be any better.


Thanks for clarifying

No. They overwrite. Or, at least, they did in beta.


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