New June 2019 HOTM Hero Ranvir- yellow 5* Wu Kong?

Does he always trigger against titans because they have (almost always) more health than our own heroes? Or does it actually go by a percentage of health? Let say for example the Titan has 75% of his health left. Does ranvir require your own heroes to have less then 75% health left (each)?

Second question: For PvP, are heroes with more health then opposing heroes completely uneffected by ranvirs special? Or do they only loose the atk boost but keep the “gambling” chance?
If heroes with more health are simply uneffected, you don’t have to afraid of using snipers freely! :slight_smile:

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Comparing Health

Health is defined by actual HP, so a titan will usually be dead before having less HP.

One Buff

The damage increase and the accuracy debuff are considered one buff by the game since the net effect is an increase in damage. This is the same for Gambler’s Stance. Mystic Vision is rumored to overwrite Gambler’s Stance and the reverse is also rumored to be true.

Confusion in PvP

So when the damage increase is ineligible, the accuracy debuff is also removed. Beta rumors say this is very very confusing. Similar to a dead hero being ineligible for damage because they are dead, but reviving next turn so you can still waste your special skill on them. Hopefully the Devs add some sort of indication for which targets are effected by the buff and which are not. I also would not mind making dead heroes ineligible for snipers to target.


Well, that’s a bit disappointing. He doesn’t seem to fit any corner because when he fires probably some allies are dead and/or enemies have already less hp.
Titans and bosses - it’s not enough to struggle to get him…

I think I’m right in saying Atlantis straddles May and June?

Do you take Wu Kong on raids often?

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Bonus Sniper

Beta rumor says He is also a yellow, fast mana speed, sniper with a high attack ( emphasis added).

Yellow Heroes

Beta rumors, numbers subject to change

768 ATT ( only Inari and Musashi have higher ATT, similar to Jackal’s 765 )
265% Damage to target ( similar to Jackal’s 270% )
So hits about as hard as Jackal with similar matching/ tile/ board damage.

HP 1126 ( similar to Jackal’s 1032 )
So resists Fire DOT about as much as Jackal.

Ranvir is immune to poison ( Cheshire Cat is partially declawed)

DEF 782 ( only Onatel and Owl have higher DEF, similar to Guinevere at 778 and Justice at 776, much higher than Jackal’s 531 )


I thought it was the fourth Thursday ( May 23-26 ).

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I thought it was always the last Thursday?

The wiki calendar is saying May 30th and straddling June.

Was Jan 31 to Feb 2 an Atlantis ( Last Thursday of Jan )?
or Jan 24 to 27 ( Fourth Thursday of Jan )?

Wiki says the last weekend of the month for Atlantis

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It spans the last FULL weekend of the month. So it should be May 23rd…

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The last Thursday of May is May 30th - which straddles into June

What about Feb 28- Mar 2?


Maybe split topic?

I’m sure in February I waited for Atlantis until March

good plan - let’s ask the experts!

@princess1 @Gryphonknight @General_Confusion

I think it’s normally the 4th Thursday, and it’s been discussed before that the Wiki was probably incorrect about the “last full weekend” thing:


Dang, I was hoping it would straddle so I could do a pull each month. Guess, I’ll have to wait and see now.


You are correct that it started late in Feb…

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We’ll know definitively extremely soon. With the last chapters of Atlantis opening in 32 hours, I’m quite sure someone will speed through quickly and discussion about the next date for May will begin.


I think we’ve already had a discussion … hopefully we’ll get some actual answers LOL


Yes, I meant accurate discussion. :laughing:

Hopefully there will be an equivalent to the “story continues” countdown once the new Stages are completed — though it’s possible there won’t be, and Atlantis Summons in the future will just show up without warning.


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