New June 2019 HOTM Hero Ranvir- yellow 5* Wu Kong?

Not to mention the only color missing a 4* healer

Not really. He’s too squishy and this game is random enough to not bring more randomness to the battlefield…


Special Skill

Would someone be willing to (within the rules) post some text of the special? I can see there’s something about who has more HP, and do see an earlier post alluding to it, but it’s just not clear to me, which is making it hard to follow the recent comments.

Sand Empire Event

Semi-related, I have been trying to figure out when the Sand Empire event will start this year. This is important since, I assume like many others, I have a stash of EHT’s saved up. I will probably use some for the Sand Event, so it would be nice if it were running with a HOTM I was interested in. I have not seen specific discussion of that (in this thread, I mean), but I doubt I’m the only one wondering.

To that end, I present the following:

Mariamne states that last year the Sand Empire event started on June 25th.

zephyr1 guesses that this year’s Sand Empire event will start on June 26 or 27.

Which is to say that there seems a reasonable chance that we can draw for the Sand Heroes and this HOTM at the same time. Hope that helps anyone who’s in a similar situation to me.

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Click for Beta rumors, number subject to change

Beta rumors, numbers subject to change
Class Druid

Beta rumors, numbers subject to change

Mystic’s Virtue ( special skill )

Beta rumors, numbers subject to change
Buff lasts 5 turns.
Elemental link lasts 4 turns

Base Stats at 5* 4.80



Thank you!

If it was stated earlier that the class is Druid, I had missed that. That’s interesting.

I had read the Boolz part you quoted; I guess I’m just struggling to parse the text and understand how the special skill works in practice.

Maybe an example will help. For simplicity let’s say I’m fighting a raid, Ranvir is the only hero I have left, there is only one one enemy hero on the field, and I have Ranvir’s special active. I send a stack of yellow tiles at the enemy.

Scenario 1

The enemy hero has more HP than Ranvir. Ranvir’s tiles are subject to both the attack buff and the accuracy debuff.

Scenario 2

The enemy hero has fewer HP than Ranvir. Is my stack of tiles just like a normal attack with Ranvir’s special NOT active? That is, the attack is normal, not subject to the attack buff, AND ALSO not subject to the accuracy debuff?


This is still a Beta rumor. But what is interesting is Minion HP does not count as Hero HP, so Ranvir can have lower HP for the buff calculation than damage Ranvir can take and stay alive. As long as no anti minion enemies.

Attack Up/ Accuracy Down buff

Just to be clear, according to rumors, Mystic’s Virture has several parts. This is just the Attack Up/ Accuracy Down buff.

Correct. It is all or nothing.

“what’s really going to bake your noodle later on is…” - Oracle to Neo

I am interested in what happens with a triple color stack of heroes ( Say Valen, Sonya, Aegir ) where some heroes are below ( perhaps even dead ), and some are above, the HP of the enemy hit by tiles?


Thank you, @Gryphonknight. I now feel I understand it as well as I need to until I see a released version.

Got two EHT today from an Ice Chest. I’ll save these tokens for June - sand heroes and, by any drop of luck, the Centaur.

Wait a sec, is Ranvir a centaur?! Want!!

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That is correct.

20 centaurs


Seriously? A Centaur???

I need this card! I’m a Sagittarius, I love me a Centaur! Yay!!!


I thought Ranvir is a yoga master or something the last time I saw his beta card. :rofl:

Great stuff. One question: for the next HOTM Ranvir it says “All allies get +195% attack and -35% accuracy that only applies when enemy has more health than the attacker. Effect last for 5 turns.”

Is it both attack and accuracy, or just the -35% accuracy that does not apply when enemy has more health?


@poopcorn I moved your question to the thread about Ranvir instead of the main overview of Beta. :slight_smile:

This post a couple above yours answers your question: New June 2019 HOTM Hero Ranvir- yellow 5* Wu Kong?


From the calendar it looks like the next Atlantis pull will fall from late May into early June giving us the option of waiting to use our hoarded gems and coins for a chance of Ranvir or going for Margerat. I’m a F2P and will have finally, after 5 months, have saved up for my first 10 pull. I should have enough for at least 3 more Atlantis pulls on top of that and am sitting on 3 EHT for Sand Empire. I’m currently thinking of doing the 10 pull in May and saving the rest for June. I only have 1 5* right now Anzogh. PS I have Wu already. Feel like Maggie might be more valuable to me. Any advice?

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Hey @wineybrit I too am f2p but with about 10 months head start. I have lots of 5* but no Wu so I am leaning towards Ranvir myself. I’m going to save my gems and tokens for the Sand Empire. If i have enough coins I’ll do an Atlantis pull but probably in June if it overlaps. Likely get another Gill Ra.

For you Margaret may be more valuable, given the nature of RNG you may want to throw all at one or the other. I haven’t pulled a HOTM since Gregorion way back last August.

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Actually, Atlantis will fall from May 22 until May 25… Fourth Thursday, not LAST Thursday.


I was using the calendar on the wiki as a guide;

Is there another one somewhere?

They have mostly been correct but were off on Springvale

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Was Gregorion the HOTM for August? I don’t think so…

Greg was July.

Drake was August.

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