New June 2019 HOTM Hero Ranvir- yellow 5* Wu Kong?

Hello guys. Its twice that I see 5* Wu Kong type hero named Ranvir. Just want to know is it a troll work or real one. Because beside Ranvir they mentioned Anzogh and Anzogh is online right now. If it is true what do you know about it, let me know pls when does it comes, which month we able to see it. here is the picture dont know if it is fine to share this at here let’s find out, where else I can ask.


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Yes, Ranvir is (most probably) going to be a 5* Wu Kong but I suppose they will modify his stats and special skill until the final release compared to the version currently tested in beta. As the last holy HoTM was released in January, Ranvir is going to be released in June.


^^^ This

When I asked my very good friend about this:

I guess we will find out more in the future.



looking at history/last edit

holy, fast > nice!
265% to the target > at 768 attack and 782 defense… dont know if he’s a sniper or a flank > i vote flank :slight_smile:
that 'all allies get 205% attack and -39 accuracy' sounds like a 5* Wu, but that 'only applies when enemy has more health than attacker' its tricky… ; for titans you will need a wilbur so all get damaged … Only if difference is in percentage, not effective hp points
last, that holy allies +46% defense against dark being undispellable is nice! (ty @Gryphonknight)

imo, i dont see him as Wu; i see him as a defense flank game changer (when you are losing)



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I would think corner since his version of Gambler’s Stance works best when the defenders are low HP ( like Alberich ) but depending on the team, flank could work…


This is actually nice since it is non dispellable it prevents Guardian Panther from applying an Elemental defense debuff.

Done :slight_smile:

20 chars!


could work, but normally in corners even the fast fires the special when battle is 99% lost and he’s alone or just +1; since the ‘all allies’

yup, you are right; thats great

In beta right now he is probably the most interesting HotM. He have good stats, good speed, and a mix of a sniper and Wu kong.

That said i pretty much see 3 scenarios for him:

  1. You have Tarlak: the most interesting thing about him is the buff of course, but people prefer Tarlak because he don’t miss. He miss as much as Wu kong (or more) so you don’t really need him

  2. You have Wu kong and you have darts: he is still a 5*, faster, and hit the opponent. He is better then Wu Kong. He can survive more with titans, but you don’t see and overwhelming difference in titan hits, quite no difference at all. But he can be used better for all the other things.

  3. You have Wu kong and a low or very low budget: as i said he is better then Wu kong, but not enough to invest on him rather to wait for another hero that makes more difference overall (like Athena, Alasie, Evelyn, Zeline, Tarlak, Gravemaker, Ares, Drake Fong, Panther, Aeron).
    I will wait and let it pass.


We will have to agree to disagree.

People have wanted a non- yellow Wu Kong for a long time, hence Tarlak. But that means a non-green Tarlak would be helpful. All we are missing is a blue version of Tarlak or a purple version of Ranvir or both. I have purple Tiburtus & Blue Grimm headed to 4*+19 and red Gormek at 4* 3.60 - for now - since Ramming Pulverizer is so Over Powered with an insanely long 6 turn duration. Both Ranvir and Wu Kong last 5 turns, long for a 4* / 5* Special skill. Bonus Tarlak has a minor heal while Ranvir has a decent snipe. Both have good match damage but one is low defense, decent HP while other is high defense, very low HP.

People have wanted a 5* Wu Kong for forever. Tarlak is 5*, but his special skill does not effect other special skills. For people like me who enjoy Gambler’s Stance having a 5*+19 version will be nice ( assuming I can get him. Must start saving allowance and Birthday cash ).

As an aside, I will often save Gambler’s Stance for the last 30- 45 seconds of the terror known as titans. Wu Kong still has good matching damage and the same is true of Ranvir.


Let’s put that way then.
Other then purple titans (which of course you use as much yellow as possible) would you rather use Tarlak or Ramvir for every other color?
That question is for high level titans.

For small ones: there’s much difference between Ramvir and Wu kong? There’s some great improvement using one or the other?

Ramvir is a good hero, but if your main purpose is just to gain another good hero for wars and raids, it seems to me a waste.

High level titans: 4/5 Tarlak
Low level titans: Wu kong = Ramvir

His main purpose is taken away from Tarlak, if you have him.


In a an ideal world, and if you are just looking at titans, Wu Kong and Ranvir suck. You want Athena plus matching Elemental defense debuff and you cannot afford EITHER to miss. So Gambler’s Stance is a loss.

But I do not live in an ideal world. Since I do not have Athena or any 5* Elemental defense debffers, I am all about the double healers. Since healers only do match damage I would rather Gambler’s Stance since its +25% longer duration than Marital Prowess will increase my matching Damage.

But especially double and triple Bosses I can often clear them with one good match and Gambler’s Stance since Melendor/ Sabina have such high attack stat.

If I ever succeed in getting Delilah, my biggest problem will be Ranvir and Delilah being yellow.


Then you fall in option 2.

He is worth the investment for you, and i totally understand it.
As i said he is a good hero, not bad

For example I fall pretty much in option 3:

I wouldn’t mind pull him but a) i already use my dards on other heroes and b) my budget is so low that i must pick carefully which hero to invest, and i would be much happier to pull an Evelyn.

Hope you get him if that’s what you wish, good luck :slightly_smiling_face:


PvP: Ranvir is a great attacking hero and a nice defender. Ranvir flanking an AoE tank speaks death to incautious attackers, for higher tiers it would still be a nice comeback hero in a left wing.
Like Wu Kong he could turn weak AoE attackers into killing machines.

PvE: Ranvir is good but it’ll require more strategic thinking & special’s synergies to make it work due to the hp’s threshold.


When can we ever have a 5 star yellow 3 way elemental debuffer? While falcon is 4 star, at least it’s 3 way debuff, jackal only debuffs one. Yellow is the only color lacking 3 way elemental debuff and normal defense debuff at the moment.


You’d think someone rocking the name of bosswolf would want holy debuffs to be on the back burner for as long as possible. :slight_smile:


Lmao!! Best reply ever!


In an ideal world you want Athena, Frida, AND Wu!


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