New items from war loot

Add to war loot new items which after activation works for whole alliance for a limited time.
For example: “Experience banner” gives additional 10% of experience to each member during next 2 hours.
“Recruiting totem” gives additional 5% recruits during next 2 hours.
“Food supply” “Iron supply”.
There can be levels of this items (low/middle/high) with different percentage.
For simplicity to create and use: most simple decision - everyone can receive it from war loot, and activate it for whole alliance.
Obviously rare items with not high chance of drop.

Great idea, this will make war more interesting. And I like the team aspect of it.

I’m in! I love aspects of the game that involve the team. Really loved Valentine’s special that gave gems to all alliance members with purchase. Wish there were more offers like that:)

Dev’s said they liked it too but want it to be special so 2-3x per year max. I suspect Halloween or Xmas will have it this year

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