New Item Indicator in Inventory Not Showing for Most Items, While Working for Some [SOLVED: Working as Designed] [Developer Response in Post #13]

I’m not sure which version this started in, but I’ve noticed that when I get a new crypt mushroom from farming a level, the inventory doesn’t show the +1 indicator. The count of crypt mushrooms properly increases, it just doesn’t show that it’s new.

Other items don’t seem to have this issue, at least not all of them.

Screen shot of loot from 11-9, as an example:

Screen shot of inventory immediatey after (notice the Grimoire Dust properly shows a +1, while the Crypt Mushroom does not):

This is a relatively minor issue that doesn’t appear to cause a break in the game, just some small inconvenience and confusion about item farming progress.

I’m unsure if this happens from all sources of crypt mushrooms (i.e. if it behaves differently for loot from Titans or Mystic Vision than for World Map farming, for example), and if it’s just crypt mushrooms, or some other particular items too. I can make more notes if that’s helpful for debugging.


EDIT: Looking back at my screenshots, it looks like Metal Ore has the same issue.

EDIT: Adding a running list of items I’ve noticed this on:

  • Crypt Mushrooms: NOT Showing Indicator
  • Metal Ore: NOT Showing Indicator
  • Oil: NOT Showing Indicator (per @SuuriKoira, and confirmed for mine too)
  • Crude Iron: NOT Showing Indicator
  • Adventure Kits: NOT Showing Indicator (per @KLinMayhem, and confirmed for mine too)
  • Crystal Shard: NOT Showing Indicator
  • Common Herbs: NOT Showing Indicator
  • Rugged Clothes: NOT Showing Indicator
  • Clean Cloth: NOT Showing Indicator
  • Large Bone: NOT Showing Indicator
  • Strong Rope: NOT Showing Indicator
  • Sunspire Feathers: NOT Showing Indicator
  • Wooden Shield: NOT Showing Indicator
  • Practice Sword: NOT Showing Indicator
  • Dagger: NOT Showing Indicator
  • Training Manual: NOT Showing Indicator
  • Potent Leaves: NOT Showing Indicator
  • Arcane Script: NOT Showing Indicator

And these ones appear to work:

  • Orichalcum Nugget: IS Showing Indicator
  • Grimoire Dust: IS Showing Indicator
  • Midnight Roots: IS Showing Indicator
  • Fine Steel: IS Showing Indicator
  • Dragon Bone: IS Showing Indicator (per @KLinMayhem)
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I’ve noticed today the same issue with Oil.
I was playing Season 2 and got 3 or 4 Oil , but in the inventory they Oil was not highlighted.
Unfortunately, I haven’t checked the amount I had before farming.

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Thanks! I updated the post description accordingly. I’ll keep an eye out for whether I have the same issue with Oil — I’m wondering if it’s particular items, or particular items for particular players.

Just did Find Crafting Items II-1, and neither the Leather Strips nor Crude Iron showed +1 indicators. So I think this is actually a broader issue than I had realized — I noticed Crypt Mushrooms originally because I was intentionally farming for them, but it seems to be a lot of items, at least for me.

EDIT: Crystal Shards and Crypt Mushrooms from Crafting Items II-2 didn’t show indicators either.

I’ve seen it too. Never see how many new kits showed up. Always see the indicator on fine steel, nuggets, bones, etc.

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Do you mean Dragon Bone or Large Bone? It didn’t seem to show up for me for a Large Bone I just got, so I wanted to confirm.

sorry, meant dragonbones.

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While not the most critical bug, this sounds like something the devs ought to be aware of. @Petri?

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I can’t remember which release it was, but I’m pretty sure one of the updates made it so that the new item indicator only shows up on 3* and 4* items. I think this is intentional.

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That seems to hold for ingredients.

But it doesn’t seem to hold for ascension materials: Rugged Clothes get a “NEW” indicator here, and they’re 1*.

Or maybe the “NEW” indicator is an exception to this exception? (“NEW” means they are all new, as in, I had zero of them left, right? I have the same for Orichalcum nuggets, but I’ll never be able to empty my stock of 3* and 4* ingredients, so I’ll never know …)

EDIT: I just collected another set of rugged clothes, and, sure enough, there was no indicator. So yeah, it looks like the “NEW” indicator is an exception.

Hmm, that could make sense, although it’s a bit of a weird design change in my opinion.

I could see not showing the notice counter on the menu, but not showing a +1 on the items themselves in the loot screen seems very confusing to me. It makes it hard to tell how many of an item I’m after I just picked up from farming runs, and is somewhat anxiety inducing about whether they were added to my inventory. :slight_smile:

Rugged Clothes seemed to not get a +1 indicator for me, so maybe it is just for 3 and 4* ingredients/materials now.

I’ll poke thorough the release notes from recent releases…

EDIT: I looked through release notes, and don’t see it. @lexinen and @Sidhekin, mind checking if I’m missing it? I could just be losing my mind… :wink:

Yes, the indicator is there only for the Rare and Epic (3-4*) items (to avoid too much of notification spam).


Thanks for clarifying!

I wish the inventory screen itself would show the additions, even if the menu button didn’t show the notification number. That way there isn’t notification spam on the menu, but you would still be able to tell what had been added to your inventory for all items, not just 3-4*.

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When you gain new low level ascension items like backpacks or rugged clothes, they don’t show up as new in inventory / materials tab as shown below. So you might think you’ve got nothing from fights.

This is not a bug; it’s a design decision on the part of the devs to reduce the notification traffic to the player for fairly insignificant items. The threshold is the same as for inclusion in the recent activity log: 3* items.