New info on Player Info screen


The Player Info screen now tells when you joined. I like it! Alas, if you Merc at all, it does not give a true sense of how long you’ve been with a particular group.

I don’t suppose it’s too much to ask for that info next?

“Joined: xx days, Associated:xxx days.


I think this might have been done as a small discouragement for mercing. Some people like to have a higher number up there, and some people might take pride in having been with their alliance for a long time.

I personally don’t care at all about this new bit of info, would’ve rather had something else show there (e.g. playtime in total, highest titan damage, highest cups ever - anything else useful for either recruiting or I guess something that I could see people could take pride in more than “i’ve joined and never left for X amount of time”). Hope others like it more though, don’t always have to like everything and it sure does no harm :slight_smile:


I kind of like it, from the standpoint of determining how long someone has been with you before bestowing elder or co-leader hats, say.

Again, Mercs are their own category, and this tidbit doesn’t apply to them.


Fair point, I hadn’t considered it for that.

(I’d always promote based on activity rather than how long people have been there, so that’s why).


We do look at activity of course, but there’s a certain sense of safety from wild behavior if we’ve known them forever. I like to promote “from the grey heads”. :grin:


And what about those who help other alliance ? It has no meaning then


EDIT: See first few posts; they agree with you. :wink: