New individual war scores

So in doing this, where each player now has their own war score contribution, no matter where you go, the war merc issue may be alleviated.

I present to you the potential counter problem.

What are you going to do about alliances that are at the top with 29 people (easily chaining their titans), from rotating 4 minimal accounts that stay in their own one person alliances losing every war, and rotating into those top alliances to allow them to war down to chain chests. Because this looks like an exploit just waiting to happen. 29 big defenses and one account with just 5 sharans. The alliance war score increasing only 73-74 with each win.

Are you trying to tell us that SGG came up with a half baked idea?

Someone will always find an exploit. I wish they’d scrap this individual score thing and return to the old way. The devil you know…

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