New images/icons for avatars please :D

I heard a request in global last night. It started with one player, then several more chimed in.

It would be awesome if we could have more variety for our avatar pics! And a special request was made for Vivica’s little dragon to be an option as well.

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I’d like to see:

  • Colen
  • WuKong
  • Melendor
  • Azlar
  • Gormek
  • Justice


  • Sigrunn
  • Julius

I rather upload my OWN image.


But…but…but…! :grin:

I would like to see:
Minotaur (from epic troop)
Devout Mage (from epic troop)



Hmmm! Images from troops, why didn’t I think of that! There’s a few I’d like too!


I’d be happy just linking my Facebook image and using that as my picture…

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I doubt they would let us upload images, not only is it a bandwidth and storage consideration but someone would have to vet all the junk pics.

I would just like to see more heroes and monsters made available; I kind of like to use my strongest hero as my avatar.


It would be nice to more avatar options for people of color.


would be nice if we could download out own avatars or pics so we can tell who we are on chat

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I have a feeling they will keep in-house avatars. For one thing, they don’t have to check them for appropriateness for children viewers (I’ve seen some funky avatars in the last few months on Line!) :rofl:

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that’s understandable but it does make it hard when 5ppl have same avatar and you all speaking at same time gets confusing seeing the same avatar over and over lol. sure there would have to be limits to what can be uploaded to preserve decensy

If they just make avatars for all the heroes in the game it would let people choose different ones with ease. That would take an hour of developers time or so. Add in some monsters, as they have, and there’d be plenty to choose from to avoid confusion.

Hell, I could do it for them if they sent me the card images lol. I don’t know why there’s so few.


Let people have homemade avatars would be very risky, and more work to keep an eye on it.
I guess more “normal” avatars would be better.


I would like to see:

Alberich :smiley:


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Dont forget Richard. who wouldn’t like to use his smug face

Agree with Ellilea and others :grin:

And I would say NO to uploading outside pics. More pain for viewers than gain there lol

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I would like to see Azar or Dawa

I’m honestly not sure why it is such a pain to have your Facebook pic be your in game avatar…plenty of other games that have you link up to your Facebook page automatically upload your Facebook pic

Because people put non family friendly pics there

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