New ideas will be fun

so …

1- a new story
2- mail between us
3- construct items with all stuff we got
4- new fighters
5- test my defense for free
6- no cost to revenge
7- league /daily top ranking (week/month/top100/top50,…) with rewards
8- more quests/events/missions
9- troops fusion
10- good rewards with big titan
11- attempts on titan notified
12- and please give more than a 5*!!! :wink:

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I like all of those ideas. :slight_smile:

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Or a trade shop available to all players. A player can let’s say wants to sell crafting items puts it in shop for iron ( just an example ) and first in first serve any 1 can buy it so there is no pick and choose who you sell your items to or who buys it. And you have to be vip to enter the shop or have a shop pass for a month ( have to purchase the pass ) different to the vip