New Ideas for Alliance Wars -- Moderators Please Read

Hello Empires Moderators!

I wanted to share with you my most requested ideas for the Alliance Wars part of game (which is my favorite), I hope you can implement these soon… I am the War Chief in a top 30-Alliance…

AW – Automatic Flag count for each team (remaining and used flags)… cannot tell you how much time we spend counting flags over and over and over again… its getting really annoying, lets have more fun and count flags less.

I would like to implore you to make AW once a week and not twice a week. It takes a tremendous amount of coordination, time and effort by all 30 players to play a war which takes 24 hours. It would make it more special to have this more seldom and twice a week is just too much for many of us to handle. I think four times a month is a ton in my opinion.

Add a running AW scorecard for the Alliance as a whole. Nothing drives people to win (and develop heros) more than keeping score and right now without any score, the AW is like playing tennis without keeping any score… how do you know you won a point??

Can you have a small red dot or some other system to indicate which heros are already used up in that war, without having to “pretend” attack an opponent? When I level up a hero, during the war day I would prefer to level up a hero that is still available and not one that is already used up… but I have no way to see that.

Thank you so much, we love your game and enjoy it very much.

I like all of your ideas… I want to include some best rewards to motivate us to keeping the winning record.

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