New IDEA! What do you all think

So I used to play Everquest and W.O.W and I used to craft and sell my items in game for whatever the game currency was (gold, tunar, etc…).

Would it be cool to craft ascension items
1: Rare
2: Uncommon
3: Common

After crafting the items we could sell them in an in-game market for gems :gem:.

What do you all think?

Bad idea. Would just lead to account farming like in some of those other games along with out of game purchases goin on

No thanks

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Rigs that is definitely a possibility. Unfortunately isn’t that going on currently? Although SG is doing a great job at sanctioning those particular violations.

I love the idea. SG makes money and some of the gamers who find it hard to get ascension items now have an outlet. Think of the player retention.

If it’s goin on, it should be reported in all honesty

And just cause Some of that is goin on, doesn’t mean i want to open the door to increasing it

If there’s robberies goin on in your neighborhood, does that mean you should leave your front door open so they dont have to break in?

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Could you explain further what’s currently going on?

People selling accounts on facebook and other medias

They farm a decent starting account up and sell it

Game is easy to have and farm multiple accounts so players build them up and sell em off, new players typically buy em since it’s a pretty substantial upgrade over their current accounts

Players quitting the game sell theirs as well

SG has and still is trying to make it harder and harder to do though

I believe this idea already exists. Searching now. :slight_smile:

Ok we’ll wait… Clock is goin

Tick tock
Tick tock

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Yup. 4 existing threads including these:

Craft Ascension Items

Crafting ascension items

This thread will be closed.


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