New Idea. War heroes used on Deff should not be available on Off

To make the choice of heroes during war more challenging it could be interesting if heroes for defence are not available for attacks.
What do you think?

I feel like having 6 teams for war is enough of a mountain to climb - I’d hate having my best heroes not available to attack!


it would be a solid handicap for the top 100 alliances and just a punishment for the rest of us :rofl:

I think I would have my alliance use their worst heroes on defense and save all good heroes for offense.


Well, in the beginning it isn‘t really very funny in wars. But after a year or two you will have enough heroes.
You need to choose wisely which heroe is for defence and which is good for attacks.
If you need any specific heroes for both you can level a second 5* you already own

I already thought about that case. If you and your ally put in e.g. 3* in defence, there will be onehits only.
And you won’t face any top 100 allies as long as your ally isn’t in top 100 or in this range.

I think that would be a major handicap for a lot of players and add even more stress to wars. As a c2p my bench is not deep enough to make that worth while for me. Honestly I’d probably just opt out of wars in a situation like this


It means you need 35 heroes instead of 30. well I don’t own 35 or 30 leveled 5* but I have around 50 4*+5*. So enough to play this rule. I play EnP for 1,5 years now

Anyway would be interesting if this rule would be tested in beta and if people response how it feels when you have to play it for 2-3 wars.

I fixed your heading so not to confuse people and get more visits. I hope it helps out :wink:

I’ve been playing for about a year and half and I do not have the heroes for that. I am somewhat stingy with my mats and kinda slow when leveling. And in the alliance I am in already playing clean up and if I couldn’t also use the heroes in my defense team in attacks then even my clean ups are gonna take a hit

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Thanks a lot, Rohn.

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Interesting Idea but would probably cause little trouble to the bigger spenders who have multiple copies of the top heroes while forcing everyone else to struggle


You are welcome my friend.
I hope it helps get the idea out there.

I might be wrong, so far there seem to be players with a few heroes only who are not happy with this idea, but what about players with more heroes?

This idea could be fun for players with really deep rosters but it would be a crippling handicap for newer players. For the sake of newer players, this can’t happen

I am one of the few players in my alliance who actually could do this. Several others don’t even have 30 heroes for war yet!


Level 12 players barely have 30 heroes to use as is. Remove their top 5 and they won’t even bother with wars until level 30 or 40 – if at all.

This is an idea for the top 100, not for the majority.


Whenever a rule change like this is proposed, we need to consider how it will affect everyone in the game. New players, mid game players, and end game players. F2P, C2P, and P2W.

This idea would devastate new players who are still trying to get 30 viable heroes for wars. It would be a significant handicap for most F2P players and many mid game players who use the same heroes on defense and on their top attack teams. The only players who would not be adversely affected are end game players and P2W players who have heroes that excel on defense that they don’t need to use on attack.

Even though I personally wouldn’t be bothered by this, I can’t support it, as it would be a hardship for at least 85-90% of players


It’s hard enough getting newer players to realize they need enough heroes to make 6 attacks. :slight_smile: Removing 5 of their heroes from their choices when making those attacks would only make it worse.

Thumbs down. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!


I could definitely see this for higher level wars. There have been some proposals for there to be modifiers on the wars so that more heros are used for higher leveled alliances.

If I can find the other thread(s) I’ll put a link to them, but I think this idea is different enough from the other ideas I read to keep it separate.

I think it’s just frustrating facing high defenses at this time because everyone has loaded up on emblemed defenses. It’s just the time period where it takes a lot of emblems to max that defense and there is not enough after to make 6 teams to fight in war that can beat those defenses… but give it time and those secondary heroes will start coming up and it won’t be such an issue say 6 months too a year from now. Your idea will cause a lot of in fighting in alliances because 30 people won’t agree on how too approach it. How I deal with it- I’ve made a choice ( because wars are my fav aspect of the game) to emblem just five stars and stripped all my 4*. I suffer in tourneys in 3 4* and events but I do well in wars. So, trading one problem for another is all your proposing


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