New idea for titan loot


No doubt this subject has been mentioned many times in the past and I’m sorry if that is the case and it’s wearing a bit thin now.

The loot that we receive from defeating titans just doesn’t support all the hard work that some people put into the titan battles.
As you are aware some of the hero’s rely on loot from titan battles, challenge events and wanted missions yet although I complete all of those things including the final blow to defeat the titans and still I have not received any loot from the titans except the same stuff that we can find in the provinces somewhere.
My idea is this.
If the titan is defeated then the loot that we get from that titan should be ascention items only. You know, things that cannot be found while playing Province’s. If the titan escapes then yes give out the normal things that you may find within the province.

I need 6 hidden blades to be able to ascend 2 of my hero’s but I can’t do that because I never seem to get anything like that from the titan battles at all. The last titan we beat was a 6 star yellow and the loot was a yellow training hero. Rucksack and healing potions axe 3 gems and that’s about it. Surely they should be better than that.
Thank you for reading guys. Pls comment below if you agree that titan victories should give us better usable ascention items.


Define “ascension items” … according to my inventory, these too are ascension items:

EDIT: I also want more (4/5*) ascension items, but I recognize that if these were available at every Titan victory, I would soon level all heroes and have no reason to play. I don’t want the game to be over that fast… :wink:


If you receive rare items everyday… Why calling them rare at all?

Excuse myself, but as you said that was many that already asked at least a small improvement on ascension rewards, but the chance are pretty much the same for a long time.

Why they have to even think to do this radical improvement instead?